queer art
for june
is totally
in swimming
good old
Ted @ the Louvre

time to relight te fire and defend, conserve, promote and preserve
our queer erotic heritage
against renewed attacts of the world's online fuckbuck prudes
and all religious fanatic intolerance
by self awareness, stamping out low self-esteem or self-hate within our community
re-appraising queer art gems

link to the db/queerart lobby
the adabakenbrada weblog continues almost daily, as usual
also the db/queerart masterclass section is slowly getting uncovered and re-discovered
you can as always click back to all previous months
like november 2018's, dedicated to the 2018 roundup.
or to the to the 'oldstyle' frontpages, designed before october '13
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Delft NL