Martin '93
a smelly gallery
'bout the work of
a good friend:

a page dominated by a man
I've come to know a bit these past few years.
he has become the authority in the field
he has no exclusive rights on the subjectmatter
as there are a few orhers that covered this subject
but he did get himself a prisonsentence in the sixties.
Even in our tolerant country his preferences were beyond
what was acceptable then and still is to many.
Now without further adoo, on to the

Martin is one of those guys that you can call "an artitsts artist". His technique always has maintained an elementary level, and kept clear of refinement. Still his colleagues did see through that and discovered beyond it a guy with groundbreaking views on what erotic art could mean. His choice of subject matter was never easy and always confrontating. But in this way he has gained a lot of respect and admiration from his colleagues. Over the years artists like Bastille, Willem Kok and the Hun have become profound admirers whose work shows an increasing amount of influence and their work has also become more and more uncompromising as a result of Martin's ground clearing.
Martin's virtuoso hand in drawing becomes more clear in his unfinished sketches than in his finished work:

Thought I had most of Frank Webber online on the Bastille page, but going over files on this special theme there is so much more
martin's bar the one on the left here links the two artists: If you can read the text, which should just be possible, it sais: this drawing's based on a drawing and idea by Martin of Holland in which ...and mouth appreaiated a turd . . . magazine Mr sm nr. 4 in 1974 . . . signed Bastille 1982
I've always thought that it did refer to the Vagevuur, but better information from the source(M) now has revealed that Martin had his first scatparties around that time in Den Haag at the legendary Olympic bar, then at it's first location: fluwelenburgwal. It later moved to the Anna Pauwlonastraat, until the owner went mad . . .
by that time Martin had his first party at the old location of Vagevuur: hemelrijken

Martin has had a look at this page and sent these corrections:
(important for anybody doing research on this in the future)
( in Dutch, translation and another crucial image for this story here )
Nog even een paar correcties op wat je op de meest beruchte pagina van je schrijft over de scatparties: De eerste scatparties werden niet in de Olympic gehouden, maar in de Sjinderhannes (toen bar+sauna) in Roermond, vanaf "82 meen ik, dat moet ik nakijken. Dineetje vooraf, iedereen sliep er ook. Toen brak er naast brand uit net toen wij er waren. Het liep goed af, maar door de wateroverlast was er een party-stop. Toen gingen we er weer door, maar dat werd een fiasco, want Dennis had de boel in de verste verte niet op orde. Geen verwarming, bijv. De bezoekerst stikten bijna door de gassen van een werwarmingskanon op benzine. Er was zelfs geen zeep, en we hebben het toch over een sauna. We zijn toen naar de Olympic verkast, ik meen in '84. Dat was toen al mijn stamkroeg. Maar let op, dat was al in de Anna Palownastraat. De Olympic heeft nooit op de Fluwelen Burgwal gezeten. De voorganger van de Olympic heette meen ik de Arena en die zat aan de Korte Houtstraat. In 1990 gingen we naar het Vagevuur, net op tijd, nadat Hans van de Olympic zowat iedereen op straat geflikkerd had omdat hij poppers geroken had.

martin's idea of martin's bar gues this is his own idea of
a 'Martin's bar'

martin's bar poster
Martin was still very much involved in the Vagevuur Scatparties, although he does not run them on his own in the end: sadly the last board , in trying to be politically correct, finished off Vagevuur alltogether. He remained concerned about parties and true cult catherings that will always greatly surpass fantasising behind a computerscreen. A you can judge for yourself by reading the following column he wrote for Vagevuur's magazine Itch:

Uncivilised Assholes
You'd think we're great friends with that species at Vagevuur, but NOT!

A year or what ago I complained in Itch magazine about the "dirty old finger guy". The type who's suddenly behind you with his finger up your ass, without even looking you in the face. Well it helped, coz I don't see, rather, feel him anymore.
But there are more of those annoying prats about . . . .
May I ? again?
Really nice, atmosphery, enjoying myself at a pissparty. I'm on my knees, cleaning out smegma from a nice fat dickhead, when with no warning I get an unsollicited jet of pis over my head and in my eyes. Nice huh? Not!
Worse still: on my knees again "I am in that position a lot, I heard you say that, cleverass, now keep quiet while I talk . .
On my knees catching my breath after a clearly audible orgasm. I've had it for a while. When another of those morons walks up to you and thinks: now wouldn't it be just great if I piss all over this guy. Wrong timing, you turd.
Then we have the bootpissers. Some types are really into that. Sogging socks in pis, hmmm. Others do wear boots to keep their feet dry! Why is it so hard to understand that some people use those things for what they were intended? I also keep my cigarettes there, so thanx, dork!
At scatparties we always seem to have a few guys from the smearers guild. They have so much fun buggering old shit and smearing one another. It is great that you can endulge in that here, sure, but I'm not always ready for that, so don't just do it without checking first!
Merrily interacting with a guy I was feasted with a handfull of old shit in my face from behind. Was there a sign on my back saying: "feed me shit"? I may have a reputation, and I was too stoned to really get angry, that came later, when the diarrhea and stomach cramps set in. I'm sure that was the cause.
That still is a major risk with scat, you know. But you can reduce it, and if you had fun, you take it as it comes.
You know you can expect that on these nights, I hear you say, and true, I participate, But it's horny as long as it's horny. And rule number one in this game, just feel the other guy first and give him a chance to decline. There are enough assholes outside of "het Vagevuur".

Martin, Den Haag.

piss shit oil vomit sweat snot, etc. well, only cum left the one michael sent

Martin also remained lifelong friend with the amazing digital extreme and tasty artist Greasetank

martin has just (august 2002) bought himself a pc and a scanner, so many a miracle will be surfacing from his extensive archives for quite a while; maybe even a website of his own.

3 pix just in from Den Haag, Martin would like you to have a look at :

rim69vertical here I'm supposed to add a wisecrack about the deseases our nations pig-stock have suffered of late.
It all has to do with overcrowding:
There are just as many cows in our country as people (with 15 million on an eare not even 200 x 200 km we are the most crowded counrtry as far as humans is concerned. But wait till you hear our animal count: 15 million cows, 40 million pigs and 80 million chickens ! That is before the bird-pest and foot and mouth desease drastically redusced these numbers.
last one :

weird skincolour though
that's probably how you end up looking
if you surrender yourself to this fetish too fanatically.

Martin redit it however:

Now for some Martin-pix that I gathered on the net over the years

Martin is not too happy with these floating freely around the www .
they are mostly below his own standard quality both on subject as in reproductionquality.
and now I'm doing it too, but as I've seen these passing by a number of times,
I guess the harm is done and cannot be reversed
at least here they've returned a bit closer, and with respect, to the author.
and if you're into his shit, you'll agree they're sweet

cover 44 war

here's another scene you'll find back in the Euro-Mess scatvideo, Martin and I and some 20 performing scatpigs did (the footfuck, I mean) last season.
More about that on shit.
pispotHaagse Courant: dry hot summer continues
cover that's almost it for now,
more to come, as Martin releases it
just one more: a self portrait, of sorts:

self portrait
full color

punk pig boy

left: a recently dug up folder of unfinished sketches we thought deserved a scan and publication

finally , a link to the last weblog entries Martin managed to publish, and that always I've kept online.