cleanish start
how about
a second messy gallery

looks like I'm into nothing else these days
not that I'm emberrassed about that
ehm bare assed sure ! ;)
It's this guy Martin, who just lives way too close for comfort
yeah let me point my dirty little finger to him for blame
He likes having such a bad influence on people
a true demon, but sweet (in taste?)

Now without further adoo, on to the substance . . .

police feeding

police feeding

breakfast by Joe Patton My friend Joe Patton did a few great new works on the theme:

breakfast in America by Joe Patton

martin's smelly tool

got another batch of work from Tagame Gengoroh in the mail. As usual, not much of a beginning or end to these toons, but what goes on in between must be mouthwatering for the regular patrons of this gallery
the photo below (scatpervy) has immediately inspired Joe Patton :

left Martin in search of a washing machine ? ripe and juicy, as usual !
hope you don't mind the occasional photograph when it shows an artist getting inspiration, now do you?

in the shit1gallery we showed the first one of these KA2 drawings. here's the rest:

last one . . .

another original grafic artist with

unique style and content = Moktar

always thought Myles Antony was a rather tame, vanilla-artist. That proves to be not so:
myles is represented by adonis art London UK.
if anybody can assist in translating the below cartoon, please get in touch.

met an amazingly open new talent at the vernissage of his exhib at MrB A'dam september 2004. Here are 2 of his pix and
more to be found in instigator, one of the best mags around, where Axel is the resident artist.
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