cleanish start with Victor Le Graphfist
how about
a turd messy gallery

again the reservoir of filth is filled up to capacity,
so we have to flush another batch through into a 3rd gallery.
again It's Martin, who was consulted often
for this page and contributed a lot of content.

Now without further adoo,
on to the substance . . .
pretty clean to start off

Victor the Graphfist@aol.comVictor the Graphfist@aol.comVictor the
here's a cartoon Martin dished up from his archives, by Philby, done in 1987:

here's another part of the story, looks like it's written a year later:

We thought it would be nice to leave you with some some sweets to go . . .
And a last Philby below:

to rap it up we just had to bring the Japanese magazine Pride to your attention. It deals with extreme sm and mutilation. It also does not shy away from raunch. We've shown pages of it here before, but there are a few more images that I had to add here:

we've seen palanca did some shitart earlier.
recently I received an animated version of one of his pizabox shitworks
thanx hardtop.
as finale, an exclusive by Michael Kirwan, made public only on this page, for now :
I hope that under a new administration itt will be possible to publish material like this within the USA again.
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