for the domain www.delftboys.com and for the domain www.homowebmuseum.nl
This is an art website,
trying to give an overview of the history of the male nude.
A lot of content might by some be considered homosexual or homo erotic.
If you consider this type of content offensive you are strongly advised not to proceed.

All sexually explicit pictures and images posted on this web site are paintings,
drawings and digitally manufactured manipulations . Therefore, no actual human being models, either living or deceased are represented. Though real persons may have posed for some of the works, they did not engage in the activities depicted on some of the more explicit erotic works. There are some portraits of persons obviously under the age of 18, but on these no sexual activity is being depicted nor intended. There is no Custodian of Records, because none of these human forms have every existed as actual persons.

for the sake of completeness some photo works are included. They are considered to be part of the national heritage of the country they reside in and are where possible shown with links to the musea or galleries that exhibit them. These works most certainly can be called erotic, but should in no way be considered to fall under the adult enetertainment sector, that Amercan legislators are trying to relulate.

Thus, all content and images are in compliance with the requirements of 18 U.S.C. 2257 and associated regulations.

Most states since has made the free devellopment of critical minds of their citizenz one of their most valued goals. Churches, on the contrary, have always tried to prevent individuals thinking for themselves. Any national legislation that tries to implement any church values outside it's national boundaries are not acknowledged. These webpages are operated from the Netherlands and stored on Dutch servers. They do adhere to and respect all Dutch laws and to most EU regulations concerned.

All terms of 'worldwide good internet conduct' or 'net etiquette' are acknowledges and respected.