C. Meuillet, it seems to  say engraved on the sculpture, but I have not found that name in online archives

Pretty unconspicious it was presented in a side corridors vitrine, of the great exhibition currently held at Den Haag's gemeentemuseum, this amazing sculpture, of which Martin (of Holland, the photographer) and me can not find the author (yet). But it does deserve attention here: the pose of de terror struck guy is highly erotic in my opinion. And isns't the sensation of drowning very near to that of the ultimate extacy of orgasm?

more principal work from this same exhibition can be found in the 19th century of the history section and on the modelstudy masterclass pages. Classic sculpture is just a side dish at queerart.nl but there is a vast section of other vintage stuff, like Willem Kok
and Harry Bush, also latest Tom Jones, Falco, Roscoe, Sean Platter, Axel, Hun,
Bastille, Martin, Ted, Ajay, Kirwan and other hard to swallow stuff inside

and new talents get noticed here first.

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