Canova Hercules
I'ts canalpride this month in Amsterdam,
here's another tip for gay tourists:
The Allard Pierson museum there has a great collection of plastercasts of all classic nudes that were used in the classissist era 120 years ago to study the craf of anatomic drawing of the male body at dutch academies.
Luckily the craft of academic drawing has made a comeback after a century dominated by non figurative art, both through stronger women claiming their place in the artworld as through the rise of homo erotic art the last 50 years.
The plastercasts are in the museum's attick and can only be viewed on guided tours, which have to be requested some days in advance. You can view me and a group of Delft "art students" being guided along the casts here ( me = bald head filming).
The drawings exhibition can be viewed daily. (unfortunately the exhibition details on the website are only available in Dutch)
Hercules by Cavano, above, neoclassic italian sculptor of the late 18th century.
and here you can have a look at the splash pages of previous month too.