Summer beach scene 1898

continuing on the summer time and combining it with the recent focus on queer art history,
more summer bathing from over a century ago, also to get you in the mood for summer cruising instead of drywanking behind your pc screen

nevertheles, I hope you don't fancy 'm this young,
or you might fall victim of the pedo hysteria,
that's lashing even the most innocent queer artists in NL recently,
when they just pose questions about their own puberty and the age of consent.

some samples from the vast masterclass collection:
Henry Scott Tuke beach drew a multitude of scenes around the UK in ther 19th century Frederic Bazille Bathers France 1869 Tuke swimmers 1913 Eugene Jansson, Sweden 1862  1915, Naval pool
delftboys/queerart tries to give homo erotic art the respect and status it deserves online
Not only the great legends of our culture, like Willem Kok,
Harry Bush, Etienne, Hun, ToF, Kirwan, Ted of Paris, Etienne or REX,
also latest Tom Jones, Falco, Roscoe, Sean Platter, Player, Axel,
Bastille, Martin, Ajay, Kirwan and other hard to swallow (for some) stuff inside

and many talents got noticed here first.

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