As, my summer sunbathing at our local nudebeach here in Delft has been made into a nightmare by Putin-like local authorities
and police razzias resembling the worst dictatorships, right here at my doorstep in Delft
and this summer turning out to be the most sweltering hot one for at least a decade,
most of my spare time has been consumed by our continuing protest and action to conserve this beach
and serving official complaints against our pathetic mayor for discrimination of homos and nudists
as wel as legal objection against the fines we've collected sofar,
sueing for damages for financial, phisical and mental suffering, apart from protesting left, right and center
of which I've extensively reported on my weblog,
I couldn't choose anything but the surealistic nightmarish summer images of James Gleeson

below some more samples of his work:
I could have included the surrealistic male nudes of Pablo Picasso, or the sun-bathing nude swimmer-boys of Henry Scott Tuke, but we did that before,
besides, they are in the history archives in the masterclass.
Gleeson 2 figures in a psychoscape James Gleeson reclining figure James Gleeson 19152008 male nude & sphinks Gleeson male nude, tattooed Gleeson You're in a psychoscape
Gleeson 2 youths James Gleeson Male Nudes In Psychoscape James Gleeson Artabase Gleeson, Wagnerart totems in Arcadia James Gleeson Jason & Argos James Gleeson 2 figures in a psychoscape

not only vintage, historic or neoclassics, also huge collections of Tom Jones, Harry Bush, Willem, Axel, Roscoe, Falco, Rex, Michael Kirwan and more hard to swallow stuff inside . . . .
and new talents get noticed here first
above of course is not one of those new discoveries:
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