As, at the end of this month he'll have the exhibition, that premiered in den Haag, opening in Amsterdam,
it's high time that Delftboys dedicates a frontpage to friend and seriously original artist Ton of Holland.
In Berlijn he visited 90 differend kinds of (homo) parties in bars, clubs, halls, factories and illegal squats, dens, dungeons and caverns,
but he also was present at a multitude of theater-, music- and arti-performances in 90 days.
He meticulously observed the visual identity of the homo-scene and subsequently turned them into
90 unique drawings, presenting a beautifully detailed impression of the city with the most varied homo climate of €urope.
The exposition will set off in a specal atmosphere on fridaynight juli 26 at 20.00 u.
showing the 90 works of ES GEHT AUCH OHNE, Berlin nachtbuch, presented in “CNCPT13 stile“
Galerie CNCPT13 is at Prinsengracht 266 1016 HH Amsterdam t. +31 (0)20 7527338 and is open monday t/m sundays 12:00–18:00 u. do visit his website as well !
and find details on

Ton also teaches at the industrial design faculty of the Tech University of my hometown Delft.

below some samples of his work from various queerlog entries:
Ton Of Holland vanitas1, embroidery Ton of Holland Berlin Nachtboek, Arbeit macht Frei Ton of Holland, Le reve de Gerard, embroidery Ton of Holland at the sailor-fashion exhibition Shipping museum Rotterdam, 2010 Ton ofHolland, I luv my Boss, printed wallpaper detail

not only vintage, historic or neoclassics, also huge collections of Tom Jones, Harry Bush, Willem, Axel, Roscoe, Falco, JoeT and more hard to swallow stuff inside . . . .
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above of course is not one of those new discoveries:
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