July 2018,

maybe not a cocksirring subject
at first glance, but the Dandy
was already an uncompromising
rolemodel and style icon
long before the nerdy homsosexual
and their white collar (and tie)
representatives thought of
the LBGT alphabeth soup
to mis-represent us in sad catagories

Gabriel Schachinger, the 'adult' kink Ludwig II

due to years of maintaining delftboys' web pages it had come yo be hosted over 4 URL's
but due to hosting companies' take-overs, the server space recently has doubled, and so did the hosting fee for all 4.
So it makes sense to economise:
From july '18 the servers will no longer host "homowebmuseum" and "queerart"
and all their content will be relocated at "queerlog.nl" and the "delftboys.com" server.
It may take a few weeks to get everything re-linked.
So if you urgently want to find something missing, do e-mail and ask if it's already moved and where to.
Sorry for the inconvenience
Ad Delft NL

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