H Radcliff
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here is a guy I didn't know much about a month ago,
but since this page is up I learned more:
H . Radcliff was born in Jan.1984, and is a self taught artist.
he's part of a china-based mass painting producing groups
called Painting-World.Com as an Fantasy, Figurative Artist.

I'm not too sure if the author is a really existing person
or a fantasy-character of the production team there.
His bio sais:
Radcliff’s vivid imagination as a young boy has led to a passion for big strong men.
His work focuses on form and color and is grounded with emotions.
Bold use of light and shadow creates drama in his paintings.
Sometimes beautiful, fragile, at times haunting,
Radcliff creates self-willed dream figures that are detailed and thought provoking ,
(I could not have said that better myself ;)

they look similar to the fat-oilpaint knife-technique
of a PaintingWorld colleague called Luis Royo
as my seach has turned up many treasures and resulted in aquiring an original Radcliff
do stay on the lookout for a dedicated gallery of this (these) great talent(s) here.

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