summer fun with Harry

As usual at the start of the summer season a great beach scene, be it prehistoric,
eh, that is: from the days when we just found out we could be out and proud and hiding our sexuality was the last thing on our mind.
sadly, with the current generation of tight-assed bank-manager shirt-&-tie act-normal homos, all that remains are sweet memories . . .
at least Bush hads me drooling all over once again !
some more Harry Bush summer beach samples the collection:
Bish's beach penguins Bush Surf's Up Who's been using This ? singing 'my heart belong tom daddy'! Bush Crash ; Cali or bust (links on to Bush demo page)
Not only the great legends in queer art, like Willem Kok,
Harry Bush, Etienne, Hun TOF, Kirwan, Ted or REX and neorealists like Frazetta, Richard Corben and Boris Vallejo, also latest Tom Jones, Falco, Roscoe, Sean Platter, Player, Axel,
Bastille, Martin, Ted, Ajay, Kirwan and other hard to swallow stuff inside

and new talents get noticed here first.

go on, have an amazing hot first trip of the season to the beach yourself, you hear !
and come tell me about it afterwards, preferably in images . . .
I'm off to Lake Michigan and the leather/rubber clad or naked crowd at IML
and let tou know all about the leather museum when I get back You can as always go back to the splash page of last month

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