In the season that, due to an economic and a climate depression, we more than ever we long for our summer escape,
what better choice to make for a spash theme, than look at the previous era of style, extravangance, decadence, luxury liners and art-deco
with the master of homo erotic fantasy on the subject, my long time favorite, Benoit Prévôt.
I have been addicted to his Angelface comic series, of which two editions have been released in English by Class Comics,
(here's the link to the 1st edition and also the second.
and a third edition is (as far as I know) only released in French yet at H&OA-editions. While,according to his facebook, he's working on a 4th.

do visit his weblog as well !
below some samples of his work from various delftboys masterclass pages:
Benoit premier balcon 72 Benoit AngelFace 4 Benoit AngelFace Red Benoit AngelFace in French Benoit Prevot Rim Benoit a Room with a View Benoit NUMRIS 4

not only vintage, historic or neoclassics, also huge collections of Tom Jones, Harry Bush, Willem, Axel, Roscoe, Falco, JoeT and more hard to swallow stuff inside . . . .
and new talents get noticed here first
above of course is not one of those new discoveries:
interested in the splash page of last month, dedicated to the art of bodymods?
here's the masterclas gallery dedicated to this month's hero.
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everybody can sample the vast db/queerart masterclass collection in thumbnails,
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