Theo van den Boogaard Great Achievements of Mankind
Not only historic or neoclassics, also latest Tom Jones, Harry Bush, Willems and other hard to swallow stuff inside . . . . and new talents get noticed here first. "Great Achievements of Menkind" by Theo van den Boogaard is one of the surprising Dutch Greats of our time. He's a good example and representative of the Belgian-Dutch cartoonstyle called "de klare lijn", which could be translated as "the clear line" if not "klare" also is used for our national booze here (oude and jonge jenever) which makes it all a bit unclear again. He used to do "Ans and Hans krijgen de kans" about sexual liberation in my younger years, and is most known for the parody cartoon about Dutch tv hero Sjef van Oekel.
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