a small scan across some of the images of the Son of a God exhib of Gilbert and George

Yep, cannot get enough of it, even though it's kind of silly titt for tat:
as some religion somewhere finds new reasons to go after us queers,
I feel it's only fair to react (almost) just as vigourous.

This time helped by the good old Gilbert and George, who's exhibition
that started at White Cube in London now opens in Maastrricht NL.
Sonofagod Pictures asks: Was Jesus Heterosexual?
and will stay there till the end of july .

a few quotes from the guardian:
Where are the vehement crowds of fundamentalists with their placards and their rage?
Off spoiling someone's gay wedding, I guess; they're certainly not outside White Cube,
protesting against the blasphemies of Gilbert and George's new Sonofagod Pictures,
which ask the question Was Jesus Heterosexual?
One large picture proclaims "Jesus Says Forgive Yourself. God Loves Fucking! Enjoy!"
As well as these theological ruminations, G&G's new images are infested with cheap jewel-encrusted crucifixes,
British Empire tiara brooches, three-legged Manxmen, souvenir knick-knacks from South Africa,
brass wishbones and religious gew-gaws associated with the great world religions,
all mangled together with lucky pixies and good luck horseshoes, as so much superstitious voodoo ballast.
George always did have the air of a freemason,
with Gilbert as his hard-man fixer. In other images Gilbert looks like a troll,
and George a bank manager from outer space. In one work they give themselves haloes; in another,
they occupy an asteroid belt of jangling crosses. Their works have always looked a bit like stained glass,
and now they've given themselves over to total high-church excess. Imps proffer their bumholes,
Christ is crowned with a lucky horseshoe, the crescent moon of Islam becomes the man in the moon.
The Sonofagod Pictures are much stronger than the Ginko Pictures the duo showed at the Venice Biennale last year,
and more timely than they could have imagined.
Until this week, all this could've looked a bit old hat. But in the future, will such images be allowed?

Indeed, another reason for the lack of uproar is that intellectual muslims, jews and christians
may have overplayed their cards in the past months and have opted for a subduead denial strategy,
like they did with brokeback mountain: if we keep silent, it will go away.
Maybe so, but maybe G&G kept it on the safe side:
there are no assholes, no shitting, no erections, no turds . . .
Surely, G&G have gone soft, a problem we all sufffer from with age
maybe we should send 'm a few blue pills.

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