Jacob IsraŽl de Haan
wrote two novels
around the turn of the
19th into the
20th century
homo erotic
it changed his life
and mine

this month is
dedicated to
his most extreme
S & M novel:

anonymous, soaring S&M addict, click for calendar

Even though I do have an incredible aechive,
I thought and sought long and hard to find
an image that would set us in the right mood.
for this month's theme, the book PathologiŽn,
or 'pathologies'
as there are not many images depicting this rare preference from that era,
so most of the decorations this month ar aboty the cityscapes
this novel is set in, Haarlem and smaller cities Culemborg and Zaltbommel,
I ;ooled for painted, drawn, photographed work from around the time the book was conceived,
the 1st years of the 20th century.

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