delftboys queer art
the ramdon survey
of erotic art
that's worth sharing
with everybody who's
concerned with getting
homo erotic art out
of its prudism ghetto
and to inspire
new activity to
promote depictions of
any male to male
exchange of fluids,
solids and thoughts
via musea
and art galleries
Marc DeBauch Superhero worship

db remains dedicated
to relight the crotch fire and defend, conserve, promote and preserve
our queer erotic heritage
against renewed attacts of the world's online fuckbuck and yucktube prude "social" networks
and all religious fanatic intolerance or self-loathing within our own circles.
by raising history awareness,
stamping out social and cultural sectorism within our own RAINBOW community
(re-) appraising our, all too often ignored or dismissed, queer erotic art gems

link to the db/queerart lobby
the adabakenbrada weblog continues almost daily, as usual
also the db/queerart masterclass section,
is slowly getting uncovered and re-discovered
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where we started with the focus on urinals/pisbakken, tearooms, and cruising
or to the to the 'oldstyle' frontpages, designed before october '13
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Delft NL