Falco redid a Bouguereaux
Falco redid a BouguereauxFalco redid a Bouguereaux
Falco redid a Bouguereaux
September, the summerparties are done, time to get back to another work season.
To help you along into the drab reality let's build new fantasies with a Bougereau reworked by Falco here .
The original is far less homosexual, mind you !
There also is a new page on Falco in the masterclass. The old one is still there too.
and . . . a free access previewpage is here.

This site is about porn, sure! But mostly it is here to honour the great craftymanship and wealth of courage, fantasy and vision homosexual artists have tried to bring across over the past centuries and especially since WWII.

Ever more scientific evidence proves being queer is something some people are born with and being a lot more sexually obsessed comes with the condition. In these days of neoreligious repression we will not tolerate hiding our proud heritage behind closetdoors èver again.

not only vintage, historic or neoclassics here,
also latest Falco's, Tom Jones's, Axel's, Roscoes, JoeT's, and treasured legacies of Harry Bush, Willem Kok, Bastille and more hard to swallow stuff inside . . . .
and new talents get noticed here first
above of course is not one of those new discoveries:
interested in the splash page of last month ?