back to school, or . . .
One of my youth heroes, who did lots of illustrations in pop-cult and sexual-liberation magazines back in the sixties here in Holland is Theo van den Boogaard.
this is one of his later and funnier cartoons.

Not only fetish, historic or neoclassics,
also Tom Jones, Harry Bush, Willem Kok, Falco and more hot ass than most of you can taste in a lifetime plus other hard to swallow stuff inside
and new talents get noticed here first.

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Eight of the most amazing assholes in the entire delftboys collection (only 4 if you have scripts disabled):
Hary Bush
Without a doubt the most glorious ass ever pencilled on paper is this one by The Master, Harry Bush
the on-mouse-over comes close.

nb! 2 images in each frame: move mouse over 'm

Tom Jones
Tom Jones also did such a multitude of asses, I could not make a choice. So 2 here (if you slide over)
George Cayford
and I could not ignore the ultimately inviting asses of George Cayford
Roscoe is from New Orleans and with that city he's made a huge attempt to resurface this year.
Mike not only shows a superb ass, also the tastiest way to enjoy it. He's finally gotten a dedicated gallery on db; long overdue!