As we're delving in a local homoscene crisis where the last 'gay'-bar has been hihacked by local youth and students and the 'adult' community of the original founders is running off in despair,
while the bar remains as a horribly redisigned fashionqueens hangout, where they're no longer welcome and dismissed as sex-obsessed.
We see a move the other way around in Amsterdam, where the fashionista bars have all kicked the bucket and the old cruisingstreets- and bars are rejuvenating.
To celebrate this great development I felt it could be wise to display some imagery from the 1st pioneer wave of our circuit by one of the cult hero artists and cruisebar decorators, Domino.
may I also draw attention to the art of Etienne, who decorated many a bar and darkroom which has a dedicated gallery in the masterclass.
featured in Drummer, edition nr 29 of1978 Hal, biker 1980 Prison Guards JailHouse Rape Val Martin,70s Pornstar
fire quenched Toolpusher, 1976 FireHose Cape Cod Captive Honcho nr7-83 Climb my Pole reststop rape

not only vintage, historic or neoclassics, also huge collections of Tom Jones, Harry Bush, Willem Kok, Axel, Roscoe, Falco, Rex, Michael Kirwan and more hard to swallow stuff inside . . . .
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above of course is not one of those new discoveries:
interested in the splash page of last month, dedicated to summerfun at nude beaches, ow under threat in our, once so tolerant NL.
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