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the db site is not here to draw you away from artists,
on the contrary!
I'm not selling prints or merchandise.
I'm just here to draw your attention to some of the great artists
that you may not have found elsewhere.
Lots of artists do sell works
or reproductions through their own site or agents.
This is where the linkslist below may be useful . . .

no pretention of being complete here . . .
just some artists who have great sites of themselves,
which makes it kind of useless to copy their work to db pages.
( personal preferences did play a role in the selection )

Artists Old world:

mwars part 1 Asian and Ozzie world: Third World: Artists New World:
  • quite hot pencil artist
  • anti heroes
  • A M G credit where credit's due :
    Bob Mizer discovered Harry Bush
    and made over a million pix of great men since World War 2 .
    Prints on sale there!
  • axel
  • Belasco .
  • Boyway urban testosterone
  • for researchers and collectors who want to follow the quest
    to complete the Harry Bush archives, one group remains:
  • Byron photos
  • Daniel R. Drew
  • Man of Steel man behind 'David' CGI work
  • jack cowan
  • little joe, everybody gave him away, thought he was james dean for a day, a hustle here, a hustle there, new york city's the place where they said: hey joe, take a walk on the wild side
    star of the Lou Reed song and of "flash", "trash" and "flesh", Joe Dallesandro, the living artwork of Andy Warhol
    Bob Paris and Rod Jackson Diesel
  • david lachapelle photographer of Warhol's Interview fame known for his Diesel "don't ask don't tell" ad.

  • artist inspired by the stations of Christ and the new York piers of the seventies and . . . cowboys:
tom jones selected images Wider Collections:
  • Rijksmuseum Amsterdam lots of dutch painters
  • Mauritshuis Den Haag lots of dutch painters
  • Boymans Rotterdam lots of dutch painters and other art (beware of popups!)
  • huis oosthoek oudelangendijk-jozefstraat I live in his town you know,
    on the corner of Vermeerstreet, and work (parttime at the Vermeer Center even !
    pretty vast and hightec site though, a historic museum in itself
    (walk through Delft in 3D in 1660,
    through his house at Oude Langendijk,
    ArtGuild inventories from 16th century on, etc.)
    alledged selfportrait
  • shipbuilding is part of my heritage, and the reconstruction of this old merchant/war ship named after my hometown is rightfully here. This also honours the memory of my friend Pieter, who was shipbuilder and conservator at the Maritime museum in Amsterdam
  • jeronimus-bosch-universe
  • was the only other online museum, on nightcharm's
  • , yep, there is another one now.
  • miracomovan, another pretty good overview; main language Espagnol !
  • world history of male love starting with greek mythology
  • photographers of the male body gathered and surveyed on nice referencesite!
  • tom of finland and the special URL for the foundation.
  • Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation is . . still there !
  • SBQR bear-art museum mostly in italian for the moment
  • adonis art amazing London based art gallery dealing exclusively in the male body
  • Art men Paris very stylish gallery
  • Pink Art Brussel Hoogstraat 207 Brussel 1st floor open 7 days a week 10-18u
  • mooi-man Groningen, the only gay gallery in NL remaining
  • O'Connor gallery in Toronto. watch all past exhibs ! sadly no larger pix remain
  • mannenkunst All (well) current Dutch Masters together
  • mr b, not only A'dam and Berlin's nr.1 homo-lifestyle-shop, gallery too, and website is a work of art in itself :
Other art :
queer-art/culture logs
  1. drawfellas on pencil drawing and more
  2. on queer art
  3. structure-of-man drawing classes online
  4. jack fritscher founding father of Drummer (queer art pioneer magazine) and a lot more "Masculine oriënter Gay culture"
  5. gay comic geek
  6. Modern art notes by Tyler Green
  7. suds and soda by Arjette Hinke Schreuders, female, in Dutch (mostly) but superior !
  8. private parts amazing hot online penis photo book by Simon from Denmark
3 greatest architect ( group ) s alive today to finish off the art section:
  1. frank gehry
  2. Rem Koolhaas
  3. mecanoo punt nl
but then there is film:
  1. John Waters maker of all the Divine films and Hairspray with Johnny Depp and Blondie
  2. gods and monsters best film ever.
  3. Querelle best film ever.
  4. rosa von Praunheim great german homo-filmmaker
  5. bruce la bruce canadian/german porn/cultfilm hero
  6. Planetout POPcorn all there is to know and see on Queer movies
and then there is theater:
  1. on nl-gay theater: APUT-Outsiders groundbreaking Queer theatre from A'dam
and poetry:
  1. Arthur Rimbaud
Resources: some research sources for connaisseurs and collectors
specifically gay :
note: the group below falls under yahoo's terms of agreement, which in fact makes them subject to neo conservative religious morals
  • yahoo group male-art-toons larger, on all homo-art. Strongly moderated, even self discriminatory
  • google group GMBA large group, on BDSM themed homo-art, a touch less less paternalizing.
general; non gay:
  • artchive general resources
  • artcyclopedia great general resources
  • art renewal
    window on a recent artists movement that strives to restore respectability for figurative art and strongly rejects the art elitist who controlled public musea and the "respected' artworld and have alledgedly driven art appreciation away from the common man's taste. The group supports and funds traditional artists crafts training and education. Quite some homo erotic artists feel they're part of this movement.
  • <Web Gallery of Art virtual museum
  • artprice
    If only, if only,
    If you think you can get rich through the link above, go ahead.
    but why can we not find any of the gay-male-erotic artists in their elaborate searchsystem ?
    let me give you my list of who'll be the most valued artists in a century or so:
    1. Harry Bush(main webpage here)
    2. Bastille(main webpage here)
    3. Player
    4. Rex
    5. Tom Jones
    6. Ted of Paris(main webpage here)
    7. Michael Kirwan
    8. Oliver Frey
    9. Willem Kok(main webpage here)
    10. Richard Atilla Lukacs
    11. James Bidgood
    12. Beau
    13. Erwin Olaf
    14. Robert Mapplethorpe
    15. Tom of Finland
    16. David Hockney
    17. Andy Warhol

    and that completes the results of the Dutch jury . . .

just the links leading back inside to finish off:

  • a smaller banner:
    you're invited of course to copy and paste a link and banner to your own pages.
    you'll get a month's pass if you do (pages on geocities, yahoo, gaydar etc. excluded.
    also don't do blatant commercial sites with popup trash or spamtraps).
    homo-artgroups on msn and yahoo are still IN-cluded to make things complicated.
    just notify me.
    you'll have to get a password to get in to the masterclass section.
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