we homos are so full of shit about ourselves,
the way we are ashamed of who we are
& too often try to fit in with the 'normalos',
which just helps to put our communities down,
as perverts.
A position Martin wallowed in
and tought us to celebrate, exploit and worship.
If it would not be our own choice to be vomitted on,
it would be straight-out pathetic !

For many of us the scat fetish implies the ultimate experience, but still,
it's a thing we keep under raps and cherish in a 'secret society'
That's why we need to start feeling much more proud of our shit,
and celebrate the most deviant of kinks, we can boast as unique.

A salon table book on our filthiest fetish,
as promoted by cult pioneer Martin of Holland, was long overdue:

Martin at Gemeentemuseum den Haag, 2006

Martin was an artists' artist,
always sharing out experiences via eleborate, often illustrated, letters.
In the seventies he already tried out collective self-publishing
with fellow artists Willem Kok (aka Dorus) and Tom of Finland.

Not only was his uncompromising explicitness an inspiration for artists like REX,
he also opened up the subject of scat for his friend Bastille,
who came to visit him in den Haag, and got so turned on,
that immediately after that visit he produced the painting "Martin's bar",
inspired by one of the 1st parties that Martin organised
in the legendary seventies fetishbar 'Olympic' at de Anna Paulownastraat.
They were later continued at Vagevuur Eindhoven and now live on as place of pilgimage
in the fetishclub at the dungeons below the infamous Berghain dance temple in Berlin,
under the name Lab-oratory.

our tribute to the lighting example that was Martin of Holland
has gone on sale from Easter 2016 on the order page :

here's a videoglance, leafing through it:

The Paypal creditcard payment now also is authorised; pricing and shipping details,
together with details on options can be found at the order page .

To give another accurate impression of how it looks:
The book itself has a brownish rubbery shiny cover with dotted font
and 150 pages of 17x24 cm with full color prints.
The ISBN/EAN nr. for "the brown book" by Martin of Holland is: 978-90-824889-0-6
it will be sent sealed, with only db-art Delft NL as sender.

Meanwhile, maybe you want to fill out the survey about the book:
it's here

some reviews and comments are here

you might also like to fill in the earlier survey on homo erotic art in general ?
results on that sofar are here

here's a graphic overview of the responses to this survey, with over 220 responses sofar (end oct '16).

remarkable results:
under 40% of respondents, still (have to) hide the book under their pillow, which we respect.
But over 70 % in total leave it open for home visitors, suggest friends to buy it, or give it as present.

We had a 1st Brown Book presentation during Fetishpride weekend friday the 13th of may,
at Club chUrch; (everybody in A'dam knows the adress: kerkstraat 52 near leidsestraat)
with talks by Gert Hekma (author ABC of perversions and Uni of A'dam Homostudies lecturer)
and Ton of Holland (co-designer of the book).
There also was unique video footage of original scat parties that Martin organised
until a decade ago at Vagevuur Eindhoven in the background.
The two lectures are online below:

English subtitles have been added on both Gert and Ton's talks.

I sure hope this could be the road to a restart of scat- or other heavy duty events in NL,
gone since the legendary overnight scat parties
that Martin organised himself until last decade at Vagevuur club and B&B in Eindhoven.
and a good moment to initialise talks about re-establishing pig culture in NL.
also added is the tv report (in Dutch, with English subtitles) of MVS-tv, local A'dam's homo station:

Tommy Carlsson wrote on July 18, 2017, 08:40:12 PM
the Brown Book is GREAT, in just that it exists.
I think it has some flaws,
strange decisions on repro sizes, some images starting off on one right hand page and continuing on the next page...
idiotic, and just weird.
But the book is packed with filth -- heavy focus on the later years of Martin, not as much 70's material as hoped for... moan...
The essays are all in English -- one of them written by REX -- all worth reading.
The flaws that I see are perhaps mostly reflecting my personal aesthetics, so why would that deter you from buying the book?
This is exactly the kind of publishing endeavour that I respect -- material that needs exposure, no fundraiser, no print on demand crap...
so yeah, I STRONGLY encourage anyone interested to buy a copy of the book. Bound to be a modern classic...
The publisher hinted that there is possibility for a Bastille book in the future, which would of course be most welcome.

I also was present at the Berlin scat weekend in Scheune and the Lab.
But I have a free book copy and more perks (eternal love and ass devotion) available for tasty guys who can:
- help to manage the piggy art content on my website(s)
- perform their scat acrobatics on cam and would like to be used as promo and educational material
- if you'd rather keep it private and/or anonymous, with good reason, who am I to condemn or complain:
- I'm a pragmatic adaptable pig bottom, so not as fundamental in principles as Martin was.

a link to one of the old uncensored webpages on Martin that we kept online on delftboys/homowebmuseum.
also have a link to the review on the ToF-foundation's Tom's blog
and refound a video reporting on the small preview exhib I did for the Book and Martin's work
at the Tom of Finland artfair of 2015,
where I was to prepare the bookpublishing and promo activities:

the mini exhib at the Bastille Urinals in the Tom's House pleasure gardens starts at 1m17.

I will be back in touch with details plus book-
and event news and about what I got up to at the Berlin scat weekend of may 26 till 29.
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