schwein 1 schwein 2 In 2000 I took over responsibility from the Swedish ECMC Bastile group to keep the legacy and memory of one of the greatest artists of our community in the past century alive. Sadly, due to ever more tight restictions enforced to international adult sites by American creditcardcompanies during the Bush years, most of the Bastille artwork had to be moved to a separate server, that is not linked directly from here. You have to ask, and then be a valid masterclass member, to get the URL and password. This page is all of Bastille that is left online here at this time.
Bush luckily is at his end and so, hopefully, his attempt to force his so-called christian values down our throat. My kind of Christianity advocates tolerance and freedom of thought and speech. The guardianship of extreme sex in art has hopefully temporarily been taken over by friends of mine. I cannot link to it here, but if you want to find out more mail me, after you registered with the masterclass.
originally wanted all Bastille works with Schwein T-shirts on 'm in one row but it did not fit and more rescaling feels like sacrilege somehow.
some can no longer be shown here anyway.
schwein 3 flipper

this way it still looks pretty neat,
although . . . why should it on a Bastille gallery?
the flipper belongs to my top3 asspaintings èver
just look at it a bit longer . . smell it!
the one below left is the sideview of the same scene

C café stable

the one below is one of his really impressive pieces.
Saw a guy in Vagevuur NL with all of it tattood on his back


The artist Bastille was born Frank Webber in Hackensack, NJ on 14th July 1929. He was adopted by a wealthy NJ family and raised in Westwood, NJ. He studied illustration at Pratt Institute and in 1955 moved to Paris on scholarship to study metal engraving with John Friedlander. Beginning in New York and later in Europe he worked as a fashion illustrator. Later he developed a thriving business as an architectural illustrator, which remained his principal occupation for the rest of his life. In the ’60s, he published some drawings of cyclists in small American physique magazines under the name “Bal.” In the ’80s he took the name Bastille because he was born on Bastille Day and was then living near the Place Bastille. At this time he started to produce the incredible gouache paintings for which he is known. His work regularly appeared in the early, and best, issues of TOY and Mr. SM, published by Michael Holm.

Cited influences on his work have been the writers Jean Genet, William Burroughs, and Pierre Guyotat, and the artists Nigel Kent, Paul Cadmus, Rex, and the early work of Andy Warhol (probably his gold-leaf male nudes). Skinheads often appear in his work but with no affinity to musical trends or political movements, either fascist or green. He is said to have loathed the concept of gay culture. He was simply very fond of lewd, filthy-looking, straight-acting, manly guys with shaved heads and pubes. Bastille’s love of rubber dates from his childhood memory of used condoms found in lovers lanes. Black rubber did not especially intrigue him. He haunted hardware stores and loved to invent sex toys from the materials he discovered—tubes, etc. Bastille died in Dijon, France on 5th November 1990, from AIDS-related leukemia. He is buried in Dijon.

Several exhibitions in Amsterdam and New York as well as numerous publications by Revolt Press in Sweden, introduced his work to an enthusiastic audience. After his death, he quickly became an icon of many homo-cult-groups who had tired of the prudism-wave that dominated homo culture throughout the ’80s.
right the cover of a collecter's item I cherish dearly and could not resist buying when it was published somewhere around '85
plus a T-shirt with that word that cannot be mentioned here anymore
cover toy magazine

the great orgy
the above masterpiece is in the masterclass
at 1240 pixel width without watermark
I have it blown up to 121x91cm on my livingroomwall

originals of some of these works are for sale as we speak.
See how much you have to dish up for them on

If you've matured into a real men who likes real men you'll not only want to enjoy their view, but you'll most likely devellop a strong desire for their feel, their smell, their taste too.

The dripping animated image of one of the superior Bastilleguys
I have as an original photoprint can as always be found
on the now defunct gallerychoicespage on my private website.

You may be really turned on by the images above;
you're not the first and only one.
FrankWeber a.k.a. Bastille The lifestyle Bastille (Frank Weber) depicts in his works have, more then ten years after his death, a broader appeal then ever before. His works look like photographs from recent extreme parties, and rubber manufacturers have tortured their brains on how to make the outfits he imagined a reality. Well, they got pretty close, only the durability of the material leaves space for improvement.
just check out dirtybastards london aka RECOIL or blackbody Amsterdam

you may want to go a step further then dressing in a Bastille outfit and experience Bastille scenes in real life.
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