The first
TJ gallery page

filled with a set of
some of the greatest works
to be found in my harddisk-collection
all by new found similar minded soul
Tom Jones
a man that can like no other convey
the pleasure, beauty and lust
radiating from male bodies
only . . . there are so many I adore
so just beware : page will take time to load
it is over 600 k
sit back . . . it's worth the wait
page is set up to allow pix to fit
a 17 Inch screen
with all borders and navigationfields
switched off;
( F11 on Explorer )


mister Tom Jones

is very much capable of promoting
and selling his own product
he does not need my help
but I just love to fiddle with
and arrange his works
to experiment on displaying them
in a tantilizing exiting way
that does most justice to the works
this is why I chose
a classic woodpanel background and set of frames
the metal frame and white wall and even the marble background
just looked too "normal"

for details on contacting him
see bottom of page
when it is fully loaded


burning . . U go, brother!
against the wall, how I wish I could have my tongue in there


one of those Harry Bush inspired faces
sooo sweet
favorite dickshape too! a bit over the top?
maybe so
that is why I felt
over the top framing
was called for

proposed a remake for this one without the towel
and guess what he did it!
saunaheat, like this smalldickballsversion better than the one with towel, but then TJ released a new head on july7th



this is the work
of which
I can call myself
the proud owner




wanting it bad

original looks like my own dick: less thick, small head

must be gruelling for the artist to have people like me
fiddling with the images but hey,
it is he who started me on this manupulation himself
it's not disrespect:
I love adjusting the dick here
to a shape I would not hesitate to bite into.

I'm afraid these last 2 works just had to be added below here; mr TJ keeps churning out more great works: The face of Christian is now proudly hanging on my diningroom wall. A print of the juicy armpits is up too.

just in case you're curious for more pages of me,
here's the main entrance to all pages/websites I produce

have fun


antonio reworked
christian, what a great face!
I guess this page is now filled to capacity;
an extra special free link here leads to 20 of Tom's latest works (januari - july 2003) sliding past
but much more of tom and others can be found in the masterclass.
for details on purchase of originals or prints: go to the master himself at his new webpage.

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