delftboys not the well known stuff here, just like to point out that he did do explicit work too
I could not leave her out, now, could I ? nor him:
Mohammed Ali
I got the following message by Joe T about including the image above:
Hi AD:
I've always loved the art of Andy Warhol, but you should have used a different male portrait
than that stupid racist muslim homophobe Mohammed Ali! Ugh.
(Even Warhol said Ali was totally homophobic and abusive during the photo shoot for the portrait,
but Warhol would still do a portrait of ANYONE as long as he or she was famous.
Fame was the thing for Warhol. He even did those portraits of the mass-murderer Mao Tse Tung
just because he figured out - numbers-wise- that Mao was the most famous person in the world).
Next time use Warhol's portrait of Frederick the Great or Jean Cocteau or (my favorite) Alexander the Great.
It's always cool to see Warhol's sex paintings again, though.
Did you know he hired a bunch of hustlers to pose for the photos he then made into those?
Alexander the Great 1Alexander the Great 2Alexander the Great 3Alexander the Great 4
Jean Cocteau 1Jean Cocteau 2More Cocteu portraits by Warhol are on the Cocteau page.
Warhol was a huge fan of Jean Cocteau. He is greatly influenced by him. The similarity of style in line drawings is striking on some early Warhol nudes, you will find below.

By the way:
Warhol's portrait of Dutch Queen Beatrix is here

we can forget about the soup here and move on now to the erotica:
Mick andy 1
andy 5 andy 3
andy 4 andy 2
andy 6
andy 6 andy 6
andy 6 andy 6
andy gold leaf golf leaf 1957 self self

andy 6
andy 6 andy 7
andy 9 andy 10
andy 11 andy 12
at rest Querelle poster
Laurent Malet 1982
elvis beethoven dean 3
jackieO reagan4

Victor Hugo , twice
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