kalabro PA chained

If there's one thing that can get you soaring to the highest levels of extacy and agony:

Just try a blindfold and some ropes and surrender to that guy.

You're not sure if you can trust him, well, you know he'll respect you, but no way will your standards of acceptable pain ever match his . . .

within minits your face will look like this guy's, Palanca drew with passion and respect

let's see how the regular artists have contibuted to the theme:
for starters, here's or great hero of digital fantasy, ehh, reality: ULF
ULF digital bondage
ULF digital bondage
and now a contribution from my dear friend, the late Willem Kok a.k.a. Dorus:
hung boy Oliver Frey Street Suss
one of my favorite images of all time is by Logan :

Ted's bikecellar
another Palanca
scribbled over the cover of an old diary
diario 86
left, another old-timer: DAD
3 by eighties art-hero Etienne a.k.a. Stephen :
Hot Broncs TTLLrough games

a mix of religion and sm
a pretty prominent theme over the ages, see the vast collection of Delftboys pages on art history
or the slideshow dedicated to Saint Sebasrtian (and those are all on the free access area; most heavyduty stuff is, yes, you guessed it: in the masterclass. The one here, called Cowboy Sebastian is by Delmas Howe

Hun and the Vietcong 29
Hun, always been a formidable portrayer of hefty scenes :
assopener wheel
and let's not forget how good the Japanese are in thinking out some hefty scenes:

next 3 are not for the fainthearted:
size training
this last one,
must be from
one of my most
influential friends
he lives only
a few miles away
from here:
you guessed it
. . .
Martin of Holland ; )
let me tell you here:
Martin does not take
half measures when he
finds his work
on non authhorised webpages

Martin and many others
who share a taste
for body fluidsand solids
and extreme sm
are in the masterclass.

Tom's men
mostly took their asspounding
very voluntarily.
Here is a rare example
where co÷peration is enforced
by a piece of rope

shit n piss feed

that's it
from here
you can
go to :
delftboys Palanca's own site, Willem Kok's memory gallery, lobby,
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what I said on Tom of Finland . . .
Just found another sketch.

left is one of the sweeter moments in the work of the late SEAN
he died jan 2005