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a comment by Palanca on the april '09 about Martin's grump about ligitimate publishers and copyright:

I understand your anger and know that artist's silence contributes in some way with the octopussy censorship settled in America and sadly it is dangerously spreading in Europe, too. Kinda things were happening to me, not as scandalous but anyways it seems there are CODES to respect from the companies, specially coming from american publications: I worked with Honcho, in the past a macho cult mag, now the same shit as Mandate, Playguy, Inches, etc all of them belonging to the Mavety Media Group in NY. They put LIMITS in the illustrations like:

Once I suggested, if mouth don't suck dick, at least to hang a saliva bridge between them, but they rejected it.
- I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT ELSE, because I lost contact with them in a long time...

The thing is, those mags (the more time goes, the less buyers get them) are placed not in adult stores but in open magazine kiosks like in Hollywood and some airport's duty frees) so those mags became a sort of Vanity Fair or any newspaper you'll take to read it in the toilet. The US is full of powerful religious groups sponsored of course by republicans or companies co-working with them who at the same time, buy sponsoring to many gay publications, it's a vicious circle where gays are paying indirectly to those anti-gay radical groups.

Apart, I as a footman, have some urges and don't think twice when someone invites to a foot site to meet people and exchange pictures. I joined the group it was all ok. Started opening polls, in one of them I speak of the type/shape of the foot (who many there seemed to be very ignorant) so my best stupid way to explain my case was to show some of my drawings reduced, cropped and branded, one was a sample of flat feet and another a high-arched foot. I am not sure if people wanted to read the stuff I wrote, but nobody replied. Two days after I discover that one german guy took my high-arched picture for his photo profile. I yelled at and ordered him to take off that picture if he didn't want to be involved in legal consequences. He didn't say a word and got me more mad, when in a sudden I accidentally found that many new members grabbed the same picture!!! so I said this is a psychosis, or the root of the problem was the manager of the site who without my consentment just grabbed my picture to use it as a default picture for those morons who only subscribe for chatting. But I yelled the main moron and discovered this guy was kinda in his 15 or 16s, maybe not finished elementary school, he replied to me in a spanish kids under 15 use to speak gosh duude, dont be so hysteeeric, neva bin in such bad-vibe waaave, I rather close the paaage, badwaaavee... that badbrought motherfucker didn't say even just "sorry", motherfucking twinkee Two days after the page was still there, but not my pictures. Later the page just disappear. I'm in a yahoo mail group that is managed by two heads: OINK and Eastwulf, to hardly fnd something to recreate, if not my dick, at least my insides. One of the members who look gorgeous because of the icon he always put in his messages, once posted "Tom of Finland" and showed drawings of Etienne. I wrote back to him to let them know his mistake, and he ungently replied to me in an arrogant, stuck up way that my english was bad, and there were no regretting or just saying thanks, that guy travels too much for different parties, his ego might be higher than stratosphere. If I were Etienne (as the athlete he was) I'd kick his motherfucking soft ass. Of course, in America the body integrity of an anglo values way much more than a 2nd generation chicano. And there I have some few more stories involving Belasco's work, a temporary censorship of a mexican american artist who draws from the jail and hangs up his pieces at Flickr... I created a it can be used as a panel for other artists to discuss about our views as artists, as citizens (so legal terms will be included) the thing is that email seem to be the safer way to share the "improper" artwork Oh I forgot to tell you about my last Frontier Magazine censored interview...
so not only images are improper but different ways of thinking too... gotta rest - write you back

Dear Ad,
Here are some books and mags. Thanx for takem them off my hands, as I did not want them to end up in the trashcan. So much better to know they'll be appreciated. Many thanx for a wonderful website. Sincerely,
(ALI works can be found on art 16 an on gun in pocket or glad to see me?)
Until now I have not had time to include material from these great comix and other stuff into the site, but rest asured: I will!
(they included albums of Sean, Etienne, Ajay, Larry Townsend, a.m.o.)

Hi db,
I need to tell you what the discovery of your site means to me. It has taught me to not be afraid, to know about myself and others, and to understand that what I feel has been felt for ages, by millions of others, all throughout the history of time and life. I appreciate all that you do, and how you have done it. I thank you for what you have let me experience, and I only wish I had known about your site earlier, earlier in my short time of discovery. I cannot afford to see all you have to offer and i hope that one day I can afford it, but now I cant. Ill be content to look for what I can and learn as though each visit is my first. Really thank you, who ever you are.
In some ways, you have brought me to life, and I thank you for that.
Paul Schumacher
Mountain View, California

I've only recently become a member of your site and there's SO MUCH wonderful stuff to explore there. Including your Darkroom diaries. I expect you say there somewhere how the Netherlands is not as tolerant a nation as it used to be. I'm a Londoner and really sorry to hear this. When I was younger and Britain was heavily homophobic the Netherlands was a torch of sanity.
This is really just to say Thanks for helping me identify the artist of the Rogue strips of 20 years ago. I had a book of the strips once. Gone. Gone. I love the way he draws mouths of the young guys growing slack with desire as they are about to be fucked. But can he truly be the young guy in that picture with the Rogue mural? I suppose, if it was taken in the 80s.
Another thing. I think Hirano is a superb artist of male nude couples, and his 69 couples are terrific. Do these exist in books anywhere? How can I access more of his work [I have gone to already.]
So thanks for creating such a marvellous site for us to access. It's a wonder you have had any time left for shagging!
Ciao ................ Jerry

This is a free space but artwork on it still is copyrighted by the authors.
It may be distributed, as long as reference to the site and autor's identity are given.
Hotlinking of work here is always illegal; filenames are changed regularly
and you may be surprised what shows up on your site if an image exposes you as a thief.

Hi Ad,

Thanks so much for the pass. I logged on yesterday intending to spend a few minutes doing a quick tour and then getting on to other "pressing" business I'd scheduled.
About 7 hours later, I kid you not, I logged off the Delftboys site. Well, that is quite a collection you have put on display. Words are kind of hopeless to describe my response. Let's just say I was overwhelmed. It is really a "museum" you have built.
I spent virtually the whole time in the galleries. Those alone are awesome. I'll just take it for granted the other areas are on the same level, which means, like the Louvre, one never does really see it all.
The most immediate suggestion I have for the galleries is that you need to put in some sort of cafe or pub. There was just nowhere to get a beer or refreshment in all that walking through all those galleries. I had to walk all the way to my own fridge for some sustenance.
As you know, I'm more focused on Asian artists. So it was really a delight to see all those artists who I know and have samples from, represented in those excellent quality scans.

Big, Big THANK YOU!!!

Charlie Clark....aka clark williamson and others here...
please interfere all you can with the election, do all you can to get our president not re elected( if that is what he was)....i will admit that Kerry is not the greatest person in the world....BUT he is not the re incarnation of hitler.....
thank you for all you have done for freedom of speech on the internet and in the world, my hope is your comments will jar some complacent americans awake......

the above is a reaction to what is announced on dbnews on oct
12th '04 and commented on in the editorial of the same day

marc debauch

Roscoe just completed another episode of the adventures of Timmy
after THE ADVENTURES OF TIMMY, VOL. 2: A DAY IN HOLLYWOOD The erotic experiences of Timmy, the barely legal puppy-stud-with-the-bubble-butt, continue and isue nr 3 is in the final stages of publication by Handjobs
do check your local gay bookstore and get it
it will be worth it!
a db space-sex explorer
contributed by Falco
a further work delving deeper, uh yep, deeper into territory where only the very brave selected to be part of the elite-db-sexexplorers have gone before . . . is as you might have guessed in the masterclass.
Date: we 28 juli 2004

Dear artisan,

I can't thank you enough for your fine web site. The best thirty dollars I've spent this month.
So many wonderful and beautiful paintings and drawings in one place.
I hope you keep this web site going. I would never have been able to even see so many wonderful works in my whole life if it hadn't been for your site.

Best wishes,

Bill Michael

Ozzy aka Jozef Szekeres devellopped a lot further. The merman caught by an australian swimchampion right here is an example:

Ad ,
It's getting warm and summery in New York, now, and I stopped by this restaurant in my neighborhood that has an outdoor wharf. Around one long wooden table were a bunch of tough-looking construction workers and off-duty cops, some standing, some sitting, drinking beer, talking back and forth to each other. With the sun, and the water behind them, I all of a sudden saw them as a homoerotic version of Renoir's painting Luncheon of the Boating Party. That would be a fun piece of artwork to do. I'm telling you this because you're one of the few people I know who'd appreciate the idea. Most guys just want me to do nothing but bondage.
Talk to you later.
Joe T may 19 '04
for a larger look at the image go to artchive. Sitting on the right with straw hat is Gustave Caillebotte, who has often been considered gay as he made so many great and loving paintings of fellow rowers and workers.
Final say from JoeT
about above and below:
Regarding your latest writings: with all that effort you put into making the U.S. seem like it's JUST about to become a right-wing Christian fanatic theocracy, don't you think it really would be fair to remind your readers just once about how homosexuals are treated in the Mid East nations? (Including the very creative executions the Taliban reserved just for homosexuals). Some of your American gay readers need a reminder of that (at least the reactionary "gay mafia" types do, who are ignoring the REAL threats to homosexuals by enjoying this fantasy of fighting a heroic battle against a tyrant from Texas). Excuse me, though, if you have already covered that, and I missed it.
I got into a pretty heavy discussion about politics with Joe T. Why he feels G W Bush deserves support, and me argueing that I do respect the guys that serve in Iraq, and that I do agree that we cannot be to soft on imprisoned terrorists; it is ridiculous to be considerate with guys who have no respect for other views and for human life, BUT, you also can't expect us Europeans to think much of anything of the US chief commander, when he steps on just about every European politician's toes, and when he has very lousy double standards when it comes to voluntary homo SM and endorsing that kind of activities in his prisons.
And then blaming his lower ranks, while we all know these instructions came right from the top. And true, the democrats don't have a strong alternative either. I don't want to force any opinion on anybody, as I respect all your views, and know you're all intelligent enought to make up your own minds. A black fuck can be nice or awful, so can a white fuck, a jewish fuck, an arab fuck, a catholic fuck, republican, democrat or a good old communist fuck. A small set of fantasy images here to help think things over:
I have looked over Delftboys today. First time in about 2 1/2 months. You are really taking flight with the site. New artists, new works, international sources. Very good!!!

Self Righteous Gays:
I was angered by the thoughts of Bernard closing down his site due to the meddling of some self righteous gay. Do gay people not know what they are doing to their own by suppressing creativity in the arts due to some self-moralizing obligation to sanitize the world to fit their own narrow, bland vision? What do we gain as a group if we become suspicious and fearful of other gays? I believe the key word today is FEAR. Fear has been introduced into the U.S. culture and is suppressing, destroying, strangling not only the arts but also the freedoms of the individual. This fear knows no boundaries. Straight, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Trans-gendered and everything in between has had this fear imported into their culture. It seems it is now spreading into the European culture. Once this fear has been deemed valid through officials, actions of the courts and the political process, then the culture starts to feel this fear and the population acts on this fear. We have untold hist orical lessons on the power of fear. We also know what comes of this fear. Destruction of not only a country, but it's culture, people, accepted values and rights that have been deemed fair to all individuals. Fear will destroy, weaken and enslave a countries population. Fear will cause strife, hate, bigotry and INTOLERANCE. Fear in the US has produced zero tolerance in many aspects of our lives. Fear, in the expression of the arts, is rapidly becoming the norm in the US. We are regressing back 20 to 30 years into the past. Does Europe want to become part of this madness? There is work to be done in educating the gays on the power of fear among their own. Don't let those that hate our world divide us from within. Acceptance into the so called "normal" world is not worth our own destruction. Think about it.
Joe (the other one, without the T)

Again a few images inserted here to make a point: these are from the exhibition "love from the Hermitage" held this spring in the New Church, Damsquare Amsterdam. If bigmouthed Dutch Yahoo-MAT moderator Robert would have taken the trouble to visit it he would have been able to see the distinction between childporn and art for himself. Numorous exhibits glorifying same sex eroticism through the ages were on display there and plenty of them between adults and pre -adolescents. Romanticising the era in greek history when it was general practice for older man to educate youth about the pleasures and pitfalls of erotics by no means fals into the realm of crime. Just let no frightened chickenshits tell you differently
Thank you for a "SO COOL" site!
I was able to download twenty pictures for my collection. The graphics and the speed of your site are amazing - your designer should get accolades of the highest degree. I do not think I have ever seen such a well run quality image site, however long you have been there and whatever level of success you have had it is deserved. Hang in there Dude you are going to be very big!

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2004 10:47 PM
Subject: Oppose Infringement on the First Amendment
dear artists, performers, art aficionados, art collectors and friends,
The time has come to wake up! We are truly in a dangerous place in American history. If you really believe in truth, beauty and creative freedom. Please read on. If you are  a citizen of a foreign country please read on to find out what is happening in the Untied* States of America, because this could also happen in your country. (*Yes I did spell that word correctly!)
Get ready to say goodbye to life as you know it because the conservatives and their cohorts in the United States government are ready to dramatically curtail your first amendment rights of free speech. Starting with censoring television and  radio broadcasts, it will be a tiny jump to include newspapers, magazines and other publications. If your art is deemed offensive, obscene or indecent..... (and remember the wise  words of infamous performance artist Karen Findley... "obscene, offensive, and indecent can mean anything that gives a right-wing, conservative judge an erection!") could be held legally responsible.
If  you sit back and  do nothing and this change in the first amendment passes, artists, performers, musicians and writers could be held legally responsible for "indecent" visual depictions, performances,  writing, music etc. .... in short any materials that could possibly "offend" the public.
You say your art is not offensive? If a judge thinks your work is indecent and a jury of community members where you live thinks it's offensive, well then BABY IT IS INDECENT! How far could this idea of "indecency" be taken? Maybe your political views don't jibe with everyone else... this could mean your letter to the editor of your local newspaper could be found indecent and you could be fined or jailed just for writing your views. Yes we are talking fines and possible jail terms. Are you willing to become bankrupt and jailed  for your art? For your opinions? NO? Then I strongly suggest you take 2 minutes of your time to read below and send an email  to your congressional representatives telling them to
Oppose infringement on the first amendment!
Please read on and click on the ACLU website for a quick and easy way to contact your congressional representative. Feel free to pass on this email to anyone you think may be interested in preserving free speech. Because you never know, a few years down the line you might  not be able to send an email like this  to anyone!
 Erotically Yours,
Marc DeBauch

Hi AD,
THANKS for the honor of being the best of 2003!!!
Attached are some 'Clips" from my new comic book - The Adventures of Timmy, now selling - I hope you enjoy them

Well I sure do,
and, although it's a different era and different finish techniques, I find the close-up added here strikinglysimilar to some of Willem Koks work.
For more information on the book and other Roscoe projects
do visit gaysketch or handjobs or goldenboysusa.

I was very inspired by your "Harry Bush" collection
( where did you source so much of his work?)
that I sat down and did a drawing myself.
Please find attached the drawing "Cum",
Let me know what you think of it.

Thanks again,

hope it's not too big a filesize!!!

on show fullsize
(17 inch screenwidth)
in Bernard's
masterclass gallery

I don't know where to start telling you how much your creation has affected me as artist, man, and as the sexual creature my whole being requires. After looking around with the pass you so graciously provided, went ahead and contributed $25 to help keep your creation alive and growing. I have been investigating the site, your personal website and your writing.
I am not alone. This is perhaps the most compelling realization that I have grasped. Its a good feeling. Very good.
My artwork seems inadequete compared to what these men have created and continue to create.
"Let Go Joe" this is a very strong voice inside my head now. Release, with or without approval----no need to seek the approval to depict what is in your mind. The thought police have no control----I am the only one that controls the spigot-----so sweep out those thoughts of "can i do this?" Your site is much more than just the Art. You have also managed to open a window to other worlds that I, living in one of the most repressed regions of the US, can wonder in awe. Third----The art has sparked my imagination, stimulated my mind and caused me to evaluate what I , man and artist, am trying to convey to anothers through my art. Not just the freedom that your country allows, but the thoughts and the way of life that this freedom produces. I want to correspond with these artists. What do they think? How does their own sexuality related to their art? What demons lurk in their minds? Are they the same demons that travas my world? So many questions. Your mind is very interesting to me, also. Who is this man that has devoted this much effort and love into his creation? What compels this man to share his love and desire to see this form of artwork and expression stay alive and not submerge into the undergound? Who are you, Ad? Change is a constant. Change has been the constant of my life. I have never known anything but change. It is the only way I know to stay vibrant and alive within myself. Explore. Accept. Create. Stagnation equals death. I have many thoughts that are not fully formed. Avenues of expression that I am now contemplating.
Thank You, Ad, for this crack in the dike! I hope the flow increases and washes me away so that I might swim in these uncharted waters of self exploration. It is very rewarding to know that there are others swimming out there with me!!!
Joe Patton
Butch Artist
Arkansas USA
Joe just got a page of his own to convey his thoughts and show his artwork in the new armageddon section of the masterclass.

Glenn More has been so considerate as to visualise me as the old goat in the familiair Capricorn calender image by Harry Bush. It can hardly be called flattering, but honesty obeys me to share it here.
Thanx Glenn!
I'm going to do one better:
Uhhh. . . with the assistance of Paul Patterson

as a new experiment i've just set up a top 10 page. Where you can express your admiration for the works on the site and your wishes for work that you'd like to be added to it. As soon as a sufficient quantity is back I'll forward the results there too.
another new experiment:
with the donations system in place I wanted to share the revenue with you all as much as possible, so I set up a commission project, where most promissing artists in the male-erotic-artfield produce a piece just for us.
the first one is in progress right now and you can watch it come about here.
got the following message from the greatly respected Marc deBauch:
maybe some of you can help out . . .
I was told you may be able to identify the artist of the attached drawing.
Do you have any idea who drew this pic?
An erotic art collector is trying to track him down.
Please pass it along if you don't know,
somebody somewhere should be able to properly attribute the style
and possibly know how to contact the artist..

Erotically yours,
Marc DeBauch
his webite is here if you got any clue on how to contact
the artist we know as Eric or Maddog and his subject Billy
contact me or marc.

not much to say myself on the new stuff on the site; just let a visitor do the talking:
willem's rediscovered work in thumbs
Ad, You've outdone yourself with this newly discovered series by Willem.
This is the most erotic and gorgeous thing I have seen in years. It captures
so many fantasies, I can't begin to tell you.

The range of ages, mixed with domination, watersports, and raunch themes, is
breathtaking. Willem must have had so many of my own fantasies. I am
thrilled that these still exist. What else did he dare to draw, I wonder....

Is there an English translation of the text? I can only imagine what is
being said as these young scouts are put through such extremes.

I'll do a bit of translating real soon, don't worry . . . and . . . there's quite a bit more . . . if y'all just get into the . . . masterclass
Mr. Schuring,
There were some problems with the specific, 'graphic' piece of work I had
mentioned to you before. However, I was able to complete this tribute piece.
I hope it's quality is enough to gain that golden additional pass, as I am
very excited to see the rest of Mr. Bush's work.

Thanks so much,

Again, please leave my name from the piece if you do choose it is worth posting on your great site.
ken ryker photo's
Still at awe about the quality of this work!
If this is indeed an original from the hand of the anonymous author
he comes pretty close to the craftmanship of Mr Bush himself !
No reason to doubt it however,
and just hoping he will submit more like this

ken bush tribute
kevin dean tribute and on friday april 18th our Mr X sent another one:

Hey Ad,
I just wanted to get my newest piece to you.
This one, as you'll see, is a tribute to the monster Kevin Dean.
I hope you like it,

superb pencilwork, so I have to share it with you, together with the sourcepix, coz those guys, who moulded their bodies into a surreal dreamfantasy, are an undervalued, underrespected work of art in themselves. They may have used steroids, but as most people know that has a negative effect on genital devellopment and erections, so In my opinion that is unlikely and even then, who am I to judge; I use viagra. Also there I don't feel I have to justify myself in any way, but it's not coz of pityfull size, but I prefer my dick hard when I run around on parties . .
kevin dean foto tribute

low hanging, well sized, hmm
black ass with white boys face too
this one on the right is what I considered a colorized Bush image for quite a while
is was submitted by Glenn Moore.
as I didn't have the original b&w on file,
a request for it was posted on this page;
a masterclass password was waiting for the guy who would come up with it . . . .
showerfun originalwell it did work:
on april 16 '03
Glenn himself replied to this message, telling me that he had no idea that his sourcedrawing was a Bush original.
Well, he was right after lots of discussion we now agree it is by Colt aka Luger, but it's pretty neat, nonetheless.

Glenn also sent the one BELOW right, called 'afterglow'
and the coloured Bush 'California or Bust' at the bottom of the page.
Not the easiest subjects for colouring; as the process reduces the definition of the fine pencillines of the original. That is why next to the hitchhiker below I placed a Bush originally drawn in color.
Eh . . . just to challenge the artists amongst you.
all in the Christmas spirit . . .

----- Original Message -----
From: Andres To:
Hi, my name is andres, I live in Argentina. I looooved the pictures and stuff you got in your page, I dont know very much english, I just would like to ask you, plead you, the password to the masterclass , because some of the things i see on the preview seems to come straight from my most hot and secret dreams. I'm studying medicine, and I draw as a hobby but I don't know how to use a scanner and I don't have any. It's something I'd like to do, showing my draws, but I can't for the moment. So I'm asking if you please can give me the password but I got nothing to offer for the moment. I promise that i'll send you my pictures and some others i have, if you want, as soon as I learn how to use the scanner. Please!!! Be nice with me. I hope you understand my english. Please tell me you can give me the password!!! Thanks, hope to know from you soon
----------------------------------- answer: ---------
Hi Andres,
I normally don't give out passwords to the masterclass
unless one of the three prerequisites on are met,
to keep the atmosphere within the masterclass
a bit exclusive and not to do unjustice to all those
that did put in considerable donations or great works, but, as :
- you make me curious about what "your most hot and
secret dreams" are about . . .
- Since at the beginning of this year our crownprince has
married a girl from your country who looks like she may
come to really shine like once your Evita Peron did.
All of us feel a new bond with your country.
- We all know how the economy of your country is
suffering, and so I feel you could use a Christmas gift.
So, here is the passwordmessage for the masterclass:
thanx for the support/contribution the password for the masterclass section is ********
you enter it at the same place as the free password (which in case you did not ask for it in the past is pim ) I hope you'll enjoy yourself. I'm still very much on the job of getting the content to an ever higher level. lots of new pages, on Oliver Frey, Kirwan, Classic Nudes, A.Jay and Ted of Paris have been added in the past weeks, new Bastille works have been added to the shitart page and a second page on nipps just came online too. One more small question: Apart from the thumbnails I'm working on a page to make clear why the masterclass is a bit of a special experience. I'd like to cal, it the community page, where critical thoughts, opinions on choices of themes the site should give attention, etc, are aired. So please, if you can find the time to give a few opinions after you roan around the masterclass for the first time I'd be very gratefull.
Ad Schuring,
Delft Netherlands,

----- Original Message -----
From: "J Z"
Sent: Sunday, January 19, 2003 4:06 AM
Subject: the delft boys figurine

> Hi Ad

> I had a quick question for you.
> Is the delft boys kissing figurine
> on your site real?

> Cheers,
> Josh

yes josh,
they are for real, in the pottery world that is. The boys are about 10 cm high and are made in an imitated Delft Blue style.
The animation with protruding crothes when they move closer is purely a product of my own dirty mind
The original Delft Blue pottery factory is soo traditional, they were not interested in making this kind of product, last time I inquired, 15 years ago.
The boys in pottery were, and still are, for sale though at our local gay communitycenter here in Delft during opening hours and at Vrolijk Gay Bookshop in Amsterdam they can be mail-ordered.

Thanks for such a great site. It is art that has fueled my deepest and darkest fantasies through the years, ever since I saw that first Rex drawing almost twenty five years ago (I'm 42). I saw you post a comment on Josman's site, and it intrigued me so much. I've spent countless hours looking for old pocket novels, and for artwork that hints at incest, and at some of the really raunchy and taboo things I fantasize about; A father and son thing is hot, but taken to an extreme is even better. Somewhere, I've become the complete whore to my own father, and an older brother, who use me as a total fuck slut pig. If you know of anyone who likes to chat about these kinds of things, I would love to exchange fantasies. If I'm waisting your time here, please accept my apologies and disregard my letter. I'm a little nervous about even sharing some of these things, but your site, and your bio seemed to say that I'm not alone: I see a lot of guys out there who get off on the father/son/family fantasy, but seldom come across guys who dream about the intense pig fuck part of it all: A dad training his son in being slave; gulping down loads of daddy piss, eating out each other's shitty assholes... this.
When I look at Bastille, I imagine fathers, brothers, uncles, and friends in an orgy of rubber, piss, shit, and cum. Recycled piss blasting out of these men's assholes, coating their own sons in a slimy coating of bodily fluids. Rex's drawings touch an even deeper primal place, especially when an beautiful black dog or horse is invovled. One of my ultimate fatasies involves a hunky father teaching his kid to lick and chew on veiny, dripping 18-inch piece of horse dick. The thought of the huge beast spunking off all over the teen's trembing body while his dad helps out.
The intergenerational aspect of Rex's work is a huge turn on in my fantasies too. I only recently discovered Pim's work, and that has been a huge fuel for my fantasy fire as well. Anway, I just needed to chat a little about this connection between art and the primal, and thank you again for a site that give me the "drug" I crave.
Thanks again for your work and your time.

bastille Bastille core activity bastille

just had to add a couple of as yet un-used Rexes
after that message . . .

all centered around kids and animalsdrooling kid
colored horse colorized for a change
Not only animal fun is in the taboo catagory; there is also a great deal of paranoia about age. As I vividly remember my own sexual awakening from the age of four with great joy I just want to point out, without waving away the risks involved and the limited view of consequences under age kids may have, that as long as there is mutual consent, there is nothing wrong with age differences (in both directions) in sexual activities :
if anybody has an opinion on this or an experience to be told, feel free . . .
mail me.
tattoo, dog, man, cum, kid, all time hero
Hi Glenn, thank you for those coloured Bushes. (a.o. malibu or bust below).
For reference I added an original Bush colordrawing).

I do not know what makes you think the pages are static . . .
The fact that no old pages are swept away yet does not mean nothing new is added . . .
I still can afford some luxury: having ample serverspace is an important one for me. The whole delftboys effort is not based on making a profit, or loss, for that matter, but purely on personal pleasure and gratification. I do keep adding pages , just as fast as time permits (I do have a profession) and just as fast I find new and worthwile imagery ( I remain arrogant enough to have personal taste and judgement) It is however mostly added to the masterclass of late, as my preferences seem to slide ever more into the direction of what is not acceptable for free access pages in the USA. Please keep in mind however, that I am not setting your norms and values. Anglo-Saxons (UK and USA) seem to be rediculously prudish and hypocritical in the eyes of most continental European gay men.
But then again, I do respect democracy and we have more similarities then differences, and as both your and our freedom of thought-and-expression are under threat by far more dangerous religious extreme thought all around the world, I feel we shoud stay friends and allies.
anyway . . .
I hope you understand, this reply is not meant to piss you off (you probably would like the piss), just to set my own mind straight and to re-define what drives me and the db pages. All I try to do with the db pages is make clear that there is more then Etienne, TOF and Kent in homosexual imagery. and the gay world is moving on, even though the US, and the Netherlands too, seem to be standing still at the moment, much to my regret. But it may very well be a hold your breath instant before another giant leap is taken. And , just to prove I appreciate your remarks: I've added the password for the masterclass in this e-mail too. Although I feel somehow that you should undress, spread your legs and then beg for it first.
(more on ethics and the policies and standards I try to mantain and adhere to on the db pages in the discussion with Tom Jones below)

I am one of your recent members. You have a GREAT site.
Question: would you be open to seeing some of the work of a good friend, William Given? I think he does some fabulous pencil drawings and has been working professionally in gay erotic art for many years. If you can send me a mailing address, I can send them to you. I am afraid sending they by e-mail won't work well and there is no hurry. If they interest you at all, please let me know.
Thanks much,

And then the postman brought me the print
shown here on the right . . .

William certainly has the talent to draw us a fine leather jacket, and photographic great detail in bodyhair, superlow hanging balls, hmmm, sweet eyes, and a moustache to top it off! We've seen too many of the TOF versions of leatherguys. Here we come back to the kinder, sweeter, human leatherguy. Not too witty, stupid even; a bottom for sure. This image does make me feel all sentimental again about the good old days . . .
I'm happy to show it in a good resolution!


I Just discovered Delftboys site...I am interested in obtaining a password...I also enjoy doing some illustrations myself and was wondering if they would be suitable for your site.
Most of my work involves spanking, some others deal with teasing and milking.
I've attached one for your approval...


Franco went on to send me an impressive collection, so I decided to convert his contributions to a dedicated spank gallery, new in the masterclass.

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and . . . why does this one remind me of the work of Willem?
in my modest Kok collection I have not found an equivalent however.
but anyway, do you see the similarities?
this drawing was made in 1986.


well Frank,

it is not Willem, but beautiful nontheless,
Pity the scan is not better; detail in the light sections is completely lost.
To complement your own collection Iadded a few similar poses from the work of Willem below.


great tattoos in pencil, by Faris, another guy who got himself a password through a contribution
there is an even more impressive tattood dick in the Vagevuur scatvideo I shot, comes out this summer see vagevuur.

The delftboys site tries to be as open and tolerant as can be and in it's choices: morals and ethics play a very modest role. We've had too much of that imposed to us by church and authorities in the past, preventing homo-fantasies in art to flourish.
But that does not mean the question of where the limits of tolerance lie is not taken seriously here, as it shows in the correspondence I had with tom jones, reprinted here

Hey guys I told you I bought the bananasplit image which is on display in Tom's most-recent-works slideshow. here's proof:
photo by my downstairs neighbour Erica (male)
 Ad@ as couch potato, cheers