we're not quite ready for processing payment, printing, packaging and shipping our great alfa, sorry, orgybet yet, we wrote back in 2004, but in 2006 we have a large size professional printing unit and a foundation to do the administration. So we're ready .

If you show interst in obtaining your own initials with one letter fitting A3 (11 x 17" or 29,5 x 42 cm) art-quality paper,
get in contact through the db webmaster
and you get details of how to obtain your own at $50.00 or 44,00 per print (per 2 letters), all color, all 17 x 11 inches (A3).
Larger sizes (when an M or W are in the initials) can be negotiated.

Other samples of Falco's Wild Boys that become available in printform in the coming weeks will be shown on this page soon.
two works for starters:

More and higher resolution Falco work is on show in the masterclass.

the original photograph used to construe the image on the left is added here to show there's a bit more to it then just cut and past and smooth over edges

and I guess we see the sweet face of the guy subject to humiliation above returning here

now for a glimse at the enormous ceilingproject. Note that this work is meant for a 6 x 3 meter (20 x 10 feet) domed ceiling and should be seen from below, so you should rotate it around the edged to get a proper view. In the masterclass you are taken through a series of close ups that do just that and you are also taken through the history, the inspiration and the making of this giant project.
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