save the best for last


His balls may look like potatoes
that have been in storage for too long,
he works on torn out agendaleafs or pizzaboxes,
he has a not too common fixation on feet
two things are very obvious:
we have a 100% pure, open and hot latin lover here
there is a truly talented genius at work . . .

he has extensive webpages of his own,
but as Martin and myself greatly admire the man and his work
we like to draw some more attention to him and his friends

incubus carino malo
pizza classic
can't do it smaller
have you ever been
in the situation of the guy below?
You want him to treat you like shit
and he does
no reaction at all
he just eats his banana

be mean to me pleez

09 11 10 07
no2war feeltlick

and who sais
politics and a hard dick dont mix ?
inter species fellatio we need you
inter species fellatio

we need you
inter species fellatio we need you
inter species fellatio we need you
inter species fellatio

we need you
inter species fellatio down

inter species fellatio
diario 86 diario to 87
inter species fellatio the man himself looks very much like his main character
Palanca: Foot-Worship Artist
Feet, the illustrator Palanca admits, were not always part of his beat-off art. For 10 years he was more interested in "giant dicks, giant balls and bald, hairy-monkey men." Then in 1995, barefeet, usually with their soles up and right in the viewer’s face, began swelling to sizes that overwhelmed even his humongous fantasy cocks. "I became very conscious of how delicious it was to imagine a shirtless man in long, black pants, walking barefoot with exaggerated foot arches. To censor the legs with long pants was just to spotlight those feet. In my drawings, foot arches became a roller-coaster of lines"

It was at that time that this artist from Lima, Peru took the name of "Palanca", which means "joint" in Spanish and is a euphemism for a hot, stiff dick.

"Truck drivers often refer to the big gear-shift on a truck as their palanca and will joke with their co-drivers ‘Why don’t you pull on my palanca awhile.’ I was looking for a short professional name like Tom, Teddy, the Hun.

"One day I was on an old bus going nowhere. I was sitting next to the driver — his powerful, hairy forearm and gorilla hand were having a ball with a huge, sexy-curved penis-shaped palanca that was all wrapped with brown leather. The head of the gear-shift was a red, crystal ball with a dissected scorpion inside.

"As we went along the bumpy back roads, that gear-shift started to shake, as some penises do, and the driver gently rubbed the magic ball as if he were rubbing his own cockhead. I got a hard-on! The young cobrador [bus fare collector] was sitting next to me and was so tired that he fell asleep on my shoulder. That was too much for me. I needed to jack-off . That evening Palanca was born."

Palanca, who now lives in Los Angeles ("I came in 2001 and was surprised to find it was just like Lima, a beach next to the Pacific Ocean that was in the middle of a desert") will be exhibiting his work at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival in April. His drawings, often done on unfolded cardboard boxes, as well as his photo collection of feet ("from dirty Peruvian parks" ) can be enjoyed at length on his website. To purchase Palanca art, contact the Tom of Finland Foundation. His latest project is Palanca Toys, constructed out of sponge ("chewable, suckable and super hot.") Personally, we’re just crazy about his stuff, stinky feet and all.

© 2005 John Calendo / nightcharm
pucara oil spit
agenda93 two more from the first batch I ever saw
and was so amazed to find these superb
drawings were made on agendapages
did you see there are personal song
top 10 lists on the one left?
I used to do that to when I was in school!
2004 bootcock maturesuck venice
chapel festin
left the ones with not only feet
but also some ass worship till the end

could do it smaller but won't
also can't help my comment

I'm very much into ass for a meal,
but I definitely hate mellons

oh well
we can't share all preferences

not many will share the one below:


this one, you guessed it . . .was forwarded to me by Martin ; )

Martin, Bastille, and quite a few other artist, who share a taste for body fluids and solids are in the masterclass.

go to : delftboys Palanca's own site, lobby, masterclass previewthumbs, or
subscribe to delftboys masterclass,
with hundreds of galleries a a multitude of homo-erotic artists present and past