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some words on submitting graphic material:

All pages here are made in agreement and co÷peration with artists and love and respect are the ultimate basic guideline. Strong caracters and individuality come with the territory.
I've come to know the special group of men I try to adress here a bit, and so I'd like to state first that I do not want to step on any toes as I try to discuss a few guidelines here. They may not be applicable on your work, or simply wasted on you, I don't care; they're not the final word. That remains with you anyway.

Obviously the material must be legal in my country, the Netherlands, on this field one of the most liberal in the world. But that does not mean anything goes: on photomaterial it must be clear that activities depicted are entered in voluntarily. Sexual activities of persons under 16 are always judged unvoluntarily. On painted and drawn works, even that is open to interpretaion. But here the limit is that the works should not set up to hate or degrade groups or individuals. (which cannot be said about lots of historic freely available religious artwork)
Laws in my country also do not consider it my duty to verify the age of viewers. Preventing minors to access unsuitable information we consider the duty of parents or guardians. Although I'm not seeking a junior audience, I'm personally not convinced that viewing material here will harm them.

The right to publish the material is supposed to be with the sender, being the original artist, the owner of the works or the person owning a verifiable permission to publish on the web. So it is no use sending me stuff copied from copyrighted artpages, nor stuff that you copied from Yahoo's or MSN's artgroups. However: sending me links to interesting pages not mentioned on the links here yet is always appreciated.

The works should be sent in a usefull manner, i.e. mailed to me. Where the maximum of content per individual e-mail should be kept under 1,5 Meg. That does not mean I'll re-publish in that size, but gives me space to rework material to fit and blend into the rest.
On material still to be scanned:
it is advisable to contact me first on how to do that efficiently.
Some general tips here:
printed work will often result in poor quality due to raster-interference. Scanning at highest resolution will minimise it and sometimes scanning the work at a 1 degree angle and then rotate back will help. Also, if work comes from pages that have printing on the other side, that printing may show up on the scan. Having a piece of black paper or cardboard on the back while scanning does wonders.

At this time, when internet connectivity has moved on and up, files that are larger or contain moving images can also be accepted through direct file transfer or by sending cd-roms or dvd's. Video material that falls way outside the realm of commercial porn in creativity, originality or technique has started to find a niche on the db pages. For information on that please mail me.

As a curator for this place I just have to reserve some claim of control on style, quality and legality. So a final say in accepting material on these pages, remains with me. You can get an impression of how I work from the accessible previewpages. Submitting work in itself does not automatically entitle you to a masterclass password but in most cases I'll give you ample opportunity for a good look around the entire site. When your work is accepted for inclusion on a mastereclas page, that of course will consequently give you access to your own and all other masterclass pages.