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here's the list of gallery-catagories on this page:

  1. 13 Harry Bush pages
  2. 9 pages on Tom Jones
  3. 9 pages on Willem Kok
  4. Bill Ward, a homely gallery, Saint Sebastian, The History Project,
  5. homo erotic art history from greek/roman times up to 1950, Fantastic Realists, Ron Mueck, Alexander the Great, Dutch Manierists 17th century, Tetrode, Caravagio,
  6. steve masters, old farts, neoclassic, tit torture, Don Bachardy, Adam, Cadmus, Warhol, Mapplethorpe,
  7. Player, Rex(3), Beau, Cadmus,
    Rohr, Mike Kirwan (3 galleries), Ajay, Tom of Finland (2), George Quaintance
  8. Piss, Bastille, Martin, Frey 6 x, hildebrant, Berrnard
  9. bookcovers (2), underwear, ASSes, vagevuur (2), digital(2), dutch (2), japanese (2), photo's
  10. Lukacs, Matt, Kent, DeBauch, Blake, Blade, Ajay, Franco, Etienne
  11. Ted of Paris (3), Paul Patterson (2), Palanca, Joe P, JoeT, Cocteau, Malquatta, Kuchar,
  12. general art first 10 plus sweet & romantic
  13. general till 18: msplatter, ras, dad, john dobie, semenzato, Jack Cowan, Matthew Stradling, ali, belasco, clive parker, sven de rennes, max of poland, some more frey
  14. general 19-25: bigguns, monsterdicks, asses, plus more MATT, greek/roman fantasy, Francoise Nielly, Communitypage, Roscoe, Falco plus Gilbert
  15. Modelstudy, RAS, RAW, Navy, Hun, Eric, Devils Angels
  16. general 26-30: Leonard NebZdrav, Etienne2, Japan 3, Daerick Gross, Etienne 2, George Cayford, Sean Platter, MCarcel, Pollpage, Leonard, CUM
  17. general 31-37 + Brad Parker, Andr Prevot, Hell, S&M, Logan, art history, craft of modeldrawing, Tchelitchev, George Cayford
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    This page shows what delftboys, for 3 decades now, always is about:
    an unrivalled wide view of all sectors of male erotic art, both past and present.
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  • Harry Bush 1 preview

    the complete
    masterclass edition
    of Harry Bush 1

    like many other guys
    you may like
    the j-o stories
    inspired by
    Bush's drawings:

    I was the nerd,
    Bush tale 1
    No running,
    Bush tale 2
    The coach,
    Bush tale 3
    Neil and Buddy
    Bush tale 4
    The party
    Bush tale 4b
    Tommy & Rudy,
    Bush tale 4c
    Danny Teddy, Hank
    Bush tale 5
    Football Balls Ball
    Bush tale 6
    Bush tale 7

    Harry Bush 7

    the ultra piggish
    is only accessible
    if you show appreciation
    through a subscription
    new content contribution

    Harry Bush 2

    Harry Bush 8

    Harry Bush 3

    Harry Bush 9

    Harry Bush 4

    Harry Bush 10

    Harry Bush 5

    Harry Bush 13

    Harry Bush 6

    Harry Bush 11

    Harry Bush 12

    Tom Jones 1

    Tom Jones 2 b/w
    Tom Jones 3
    Tom Jones 4

    Tom Jones 5
    Tom Jones 6

    Tom Jones 10
    Tom Jones 7

    Tom Jones 8 or
    manual slideshow

    Tom Jones 9a

    Tom Jones 9b
    Soooo traditional

    Willem's original page
    my personal
    fav drawings of
    Willem Kok
    original page

    more dorus vintage
    for july '03

    willem kok color

    more favorites nr.1

    willem heavy
    Willem vintage sample
    Two new
    galleries opened
    to celebrate the new
    on july 1st '03
    This one features
    as yet unpublished
    a new mcWillempage
    newfound work:
    the scoutstories of Willem

    oh shit! a horizontal scrollpage too . . . it must not get any funnier than that . . oh I see, It's
    Bill Ward, selfminded drummer-hippie from the seventies, grown to 2 pages.

    and yes, once the tone has been set: another hotizontal thingie, called the home of a good friend.

    and how about the sildeshows, like the one on Saint Sebastian:

    and a lecture about erotic art through history:

    History 1

    Willem Tetrode:
    History 2

    Dutch Mannerists

    History 3
    History 4

    History 5a

    German 20th Cent.
    History 5b

    Nazi sculpture
    Alexander the Great


    Fantastic realists


    Rex 3

    TOF slideshow

    REX inkdots



    Kyril Fadeev

    * Rohr cartoon
    first half

    Tom of Finland

    Mike Kirwan 1

    Kirwan 2

    Mike Kirwan 3

    George Quaintance

    * Bastille
    free Bastille preview


    * Bastille 2
    * Martin of Holland
    free Martin preview

    Frey 5th page

    Olly Frey
    Frey 2nd page

    Frey 3nd page

    Frey 4th page

    frey's bikeboy part1

    the angels of Hildebrand
    bookcovers 1

    bookcovers 2


    Eindhoven Netherlands
    was the only men-sex
    resort in the world:
    club, hotel, dungeon,
    place of pilgrimage
    temple, museum too
    with weekends for
    each and every kink.
    some of the art it held
    displayed here:


    lots of variations on
    Jeronimus Bosch theme:
    The garden of Delights

    the war fuck
    is a bit of video
    shot at vagevuur and
    used in theater project

    the entire vid now is
    released as the
    first double dvd
    from vagevuur

    digital art page

    Japan 2

    digital art page 2

    realistic boipix
    an old study
    of dutch-business-boys
    and more

    the Dutch

    Dutch writer
    Gerard Reve

    even has link to mp3
    of Reve reading
    one of his nastier


    complete cartoon
    focusses on
    the torture culture
    the Japanese
    are famous for:

    Matt 1 aka Alex aka...

    Pioneer artist Blade

    Marc DeBauch

    torture artist Blake


    torture artist Ajay
    torture artist Franco

    Ralf K nig
    german cartoon

    another K nig
    translated cartoon

    Ted of Paris 1

    Paul Patterson 1

    Ted of Paris 2

    Paul Patterson 2

    Ted of Paris 3


    Jean Cocteau


    R.A. Schultz

    Kuchar page

    Joe Patton

    bondage artist Joe T

    complete Kuchar cartoon
    and then there's more, so if you're interested in the art of queer politics,
    or anything that comes to the forefront in your webmasters life
    look at the
    and if you're interested in the art of queer movies and its culture
    look at the all time queer movie top 40:

    Thanx for the confidence,