there are two ways left to get the masterclass password :
  • helping me to enrich the galleries with great new contributions
    Those contributions can not be net finds;
    They must be your property and / or you must have verifiable publishing rights.
  • helping me to keep the datatransferspeed, accessibility and volume
    of transferred data of the db website optimised through a subscription.
    The easiest, way to do that is though a verotel creditcard transaction
    Verotel is a highly trusted, tolerant Dutch company,
    using the accepted safe data-transfer mode
    and will not use your data for anything but
    gaining you access to this website's masterclass section.

    $ 38,- or € 25,- or CHF 41,- or UKŁ 18,-
    or DKK 198,- or SEK 241,- or NOK 218,- or Can$ 43,-
    gives access for 2 months.
    for Americans to help them overcpme the dollar exchange rate,
    we kept their $35, tarif, with auto-renew.
    All other tarifs are one time only!

    $ 60,- or € 45,- 0r CHF 70,- or UKŁ 31,-
    or DKK 339,- or SEK 413,- or NOK 375,- or Can$ 74,-
    gives access for half a year.
    there also is a phone-pay option for one time access

There is also a way to extend your password for free :
If you get a friend to register you'll receive an extra month subscription.
(So if you get another subscriber each month you'll have unlimited access.)
The new subscriber should add your name and the e-mail adress
you registered with in the message with his transaction
and your subscription should still be valid

some more F A Q 's
I had a problem signing up to the site and now I can't get in! What do I do?
Don't worry at all, I'll be happy to fix it for you if that happens.
Write to ad schuring and briefly explain what happened.
I can activate your membership manually and make sure more time is added to your membership
so you don't lose any days of access that you have paid for.
Do not write to Verotel about this as they cannot help you, and they will just tell you to write to me,
so please contact me about it first and all will be fine.

If I buy a membership to delftboys, will I be rebilled every month until I cancel?
There are only two varieties of subscription, 2 monthly and half-year, most of them don't use rebilling,
except the $35,- 2 months budget tarif, which is easy if you want to look in regularly.

My emails to you are not being answered. What's going on?
While I do my best to make sure all messages are answered right away,
an ugly reality of the internet at the moment is massive, massive amounts of spam.
I can hardly describe what a huge problem this has become for us.
Unfortunately due to this, lately I did miss a few emails from people.
To get around this annoying problem, you can contact me online via MSN Messenger,
which works too through the email adress given a few lines up and below.

what can subscribers do to make the administrator's life easier?
Lots of you visitors have a multitude of e-mail adresses, which is fine with me, but,
if you have a question about procedures of a transaction, please ask it through
the same e-mail adress you used to subscribe, if possible,
otherwise you make tracing a hell of a job.
This is the nr.1 (and only) problem I had with password procedures thusfar.
I do respect your privacy, and rest assured: so does verotel,
but I'd like to be spared of all your double or triple identities.
(hope this does not sound too unfriendly; if you really need it,
please make your identities as unmistakebly clear to me as possible).