there are two ways left to get the masterclass password :
  • helping me to enrich the galleries with great new contributions
    Those contributions can not be net finds;
    They must be your property and / or you must have verifiable publishing rights.
  • helping me to keep the datatransferspeed, accessibility and volume
    of transferred data of the db website optimised.
    The easiest, way to do that is though a donation.

    a passwordsystem was in place here since januari 15th ' 04:
    it was controled by Verotel, but with the nature of online communities
    gradually changing, it is no longer implemented all through the content.
    Instead we leave it with tha message that all content may not be allowed
    for viewing and downloading for minors. Depending on the jurisiction
    where it is watched, different age limits may be upheld.
    There is a small section, however, that remains behind a password,
    containing works by close friends that requested me not to publicly post their work.
    This does not mean it is in any way illegal content:
    db adheres to Dutch, Danish and EU law.
    But some the content there almost certainly is not legal
    in quite a few dictatorial or religious-fanatic countries.
    Access will be given to all fellow art-contibutors and masterclass members.
    And anybody who you makes a donation through paypal:

    do leave your e-mailadress in the paypal form and you'll receive a password within days.