as said on the weblog, having lived in the city where artist like Willem Tetrode had to flee to catholic Köln, and no works of him survived the iconoclasm,

I will not stand for self-suppression, censorship and redrawing of the borderlines for freedom of speech, or a Dutch Iron Curtain!
We've had enough of that, as I told earlier in the days of the reformation when all artists who had been celebrated and invited by William of Orange just years earlier
and had decorated our city hall and churches were prosecuted and fled Delft.
See the pages on his scultpture at the db/queerart masterclass.

of course there's some of his work left in the db/queerart masterclass and you can get in contact with the artist via his own website.

below is one, I renamed Rex's Vermeer interior anno 2013:

and another one, that, for the record, I just copied from Tumblr, a US based public domain social network, so perfectly fine even in the USA:

of course the coloring and low quality jpg compression are added by a third party, certainly not by perfectionist Rex.

if you have comments or questions on anything,
don't hesitate to let me know.

Ad, oct. 2013