17th century camp:
Frans Hals
The VOC mentality, as revived in 2006:

a great exhib about the Dutch 17th century male social culture,
jointly produced by Rijksmuseum, Hermitage and City historymuseum in Amsterdam:

The painting on the back wall, shows Saint Sebastiaan, Christian martyr; not only reveired in the katholic church, but also patron saint of the handbow guild of Amsterdam.
Sebastian still is a hero and patron saint of the homo community! details for planning a visit are at Hollanders van de Gouden eeuw.

30 huge 17th century groupportraits from Amsterdam Museum and Rijksmuseum collections and archives
are on display from 29 november 2014 at Hermitage Amsterdam.
They show our oddicials, guard-guild-members, and merchants of all ranks and religions, brotherly and harmoneously gathered.
Giving a peek at the typical collective citizenship of 16th and 17th century Amsterdam.
Are you curious about why the Dutch gave freedom and tolerance so high in their priorities ever since the renaissance?
The answer, all through 2015, hangs more then lifesize on the walls in Hermitage Amsterdam.

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