here are my own choices of the Tom of Finland emerging artists competition:
in no particular order or catagory, as
my selection quite differs from what the jury selected as winners

ALESSANDRO TOMASSETTI (Spain) Oral Fixations 2, 2012:

STEFAN HODERLEIN - GKS (Germany) A Walk in the Park, 2013 Digital thermal image:

ANDREW OGUS (USA) The Judgement of Paris 22, 2013 Acrylic, litho ink, graphite on printmaking paper:

Les, Cowboy Duties Completed: 2013 Medium: Pencil on paper:

PAUL BUIJS (Holland) SOS (Sex on Sunday), 2012:

Paulo Aureliano da Mata and Manuel Vason: Minotaur #2 Year Completed: 2014

Wim Beullens: Nipple

Mon Graffito : After Hours Year Completed: 2014

Roy D. Smith : Lovers Year Completed: 2012

Leo Rydell Jost: Colored Dudes #35 Year Completed: 2014

Eddie Silva: Pollen Pen, Ink, and Watercolor on Paper

Scorpion, Getting Boned: Acrylics on canvas

Jennifer Calandra: Feeding Time , 2014

Eric Wallen: Devin's 3-Way, 2013

Kimmo Matias Shameless,

if you have comments on anything ,
don't hesitate to let me know.
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