We all know, Leonardo used the same model (said to be his lover) for above John the Baptist paintings, as he did for the Mona Lisa.
I'm not sure if it matters to me, but it matters to upset the idiots, frantically maintaining he was anything but homosexual.
He was one of the heroic 1st self assured proudly cocky artists, that's for sure:


I soo loved the tv series, not leaving out any of the detail that until now was mostly censored out in any bio on the artist:

I tried to find the episode online where he was found out and tried for his homosexual acts,
but appearantly that has been well and truly censord out of online youtube content.
did'nt like season 2, playing in South America and more a fantasy about his missing years and far less true to history.
so it's good to hear we get back to Italy, at war with the Turks, in season 3, coming soon:

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