today 10 years ago
scenarist, presenter, film maker, Theo van Gogh was assasinated on an Amsterdam street
by Mohamed Mohammed Bouyeri, an insane, radical islam fanatic.

Murdered for making a movie on request of Dutch/Somalian politician Ayaan Hirshi Ali,
accusing islam of being guilty of supressing and enslaving women:

I got pretty angry then with the local homo organisation
that did not feel the need to participate in the national outrage that flooded Holland then,
saying it was not an issue that concerned homos.
These were the same people who decided that fighting the council to keep the local nudebeach here in Delft was not a homo issue,
and in condoning our mayor that sexual intimacy, considered very natural for heteros, was indecent behaviour when practiced by homos.
Also forgetting that those same islam radicals, as well as the catholics condemned homos,
and some local parties and even our local club just went along with that,
leaving Amsterdam arab youths feel at liberty to attack homos on Amsterdam streets
and in many countries also murder them.
Even today, then active politicians of her party (VVD), and officials that decided on broadcasting the movie (VPRO),
still do not want to comment about it in the media.
Their fear and looking the other way is one of the main reasons that today
the same radical nitwits get the opportunity to assasinate journalists on prime time television all around the world.
Thanx, fo looking the other way, guys . . .
Seeing this happen so close to home, makes me very worried about the community I grew up in
It made me feel betrayed, ashamed of, and step away from the "politically correct" local homo community.

if you have comments on anything ,
don't hesitate to let me know.
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