Sjors & Sjimmy
From age 6 at a very catholic primairy school, we used to get 2 magazines with loads of "educational" cartoons.
on the back of one were the adventures of 2 friends one blond and one very black
they may very well be the cause that I still have a preference for black fuckbuddies.
even though both the black and white guys were a parody of what we would see in 'normal' life.
In fact in those years, in the agricultural environment I grew up in I never saw a black kid in thge flesh,
so How was I to know these drawings were a parody

over the years many attempts were made to adapt the characters to a more realistic society

but they kept losing audience, the furher they were distanced from the original stereotypes
until they blew up and sadly came to an end in the eighties:

nowadays they only survive as multicolored drop-shots in a Nijmegen studentbar:

if you have comments on anything ,
don't hesitate to let me know.
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