To continue on this month's frontcover artist Rex:
cannot but also include the portrait he made of me
also showing what I do best:
deepthroat blowjobs in Dirtydicks, de Boss or Cuckoos' Nest darkrooms:

afraid that his 2015 Xmas card, when it comes out, has to remain behind the masterclass password,
or only be shown free at a considerably reduced (file)size.
as the plan is that his 2015 masterpiece, celebrating his most erotic experiencing he had over the past 5 years
in the darkroom of the just as notorious Amsterdam fetihbar Cuckoos' Nest
will go on sale as a limited edition highres A1 size ? poster

What I can show here is the 3 designs he made in the late seventies
for the most notorious extreme fetishclub in the NYC meatpacking district.
They were then not only printed on posters, but also on T-shirts and vests.
The last one of these have long since been torn apart by brutal tops or eaten by moths.
So just 2 months ago a San Fransiscan friend of Rex decided this was a good time to bring the T-shirts back:

of course the shirts are black with white print, as shown on the one I wore at the recent Tom of Finland artfair in LA:

you can mail-order these 3 different T's via REX's own website .

You sure are in the best company, when you have this legendary shirt:
Queen singer Freddy Mercury (r.i.p.) wearing Rex's Mineshaft T-shirt Queen singer Freddy Mercury (r.i.p.) wearing Rex's Mineshaft T-shirt
You can also still buy his tribute book at Bruno Gmuender and Amazon
"do it NOW, before it's too late:
when he dies these works will absolutely rise high above your financial limits "
At below Michael Kirwan example you can see what happensto prices this 2015 season, only when a book starts to sell out:

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