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(how I hate that term; I vowed never to use it, but I'm still awaiting some 3rd party contributions)

What is all that romantic nonsence good for?

It has only been used to decorate the ceilings of roman-catholic churches for centuries.
Obviously it enspired a lot of priests to interact inappropriately with real human youths.
But as soon as we homos used their icons as parodies of their perverted religion,
guess what happened:
While the priests were left unhindered to enrich themselves for centuries,
my homo artist friends got prosecuted without delay.
One of the guys who's carreer was thoroughly ruined
by an over-zealous Amsterdam district attourney,
was my dear friend Bernard, who never had anything with youth,

but in contrast was happily married to an adult homo.
Even more painfully tragic, as in the seventies he fled from South Africa to Amsterdam
which he thought was he most tolerant place in the world.

do support him by aquiring an original of him
that nowadays he absolutely makes sure dipicts only guys who unmistakably are over 18 years old.
get in contact through his website.

if you have comments on anything ,
don't hesitate to let me know.
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