on occasion of the legendary Lab-oratory scatparty that is held in in the cellar of the even more legendary and mega Berghain club in Berlin

Here finally is an upload of the video I shot at one of the last parties of this kind organised by the Master, scatpioneer Martin of Holland.
You can click any of the images below to get you to the mp4 download, but remember, this vid is behind the Delftboys Queerart Masterclass password.

at the bottom row you have me twice and Martin as finale on the right
the other green one (shot with nightvision) left middle shows my cock being cleaned.
nightvision, where the scene is lit by the camera's infrared led also made the cocktats emphasised beautifully.
all other weird lighting can be blamed exlusively on my own extravagant choice of theaterlight gells.

While uploading, I found another page there with content shot at the legendary Vagevuur:
It contains posterart for a play about the dire straights East European male prostitute guys get themselves in in western capitols.
that was also performed at Vagevuur (plus some more scatsnaps).
It was my first video edited on my new laptop with new software: I's kept as originally compiled,
with even the music intact, but I did make one error:
I forgot to set the video format to the now historic 3 x 4 aspect ratio,
so everything is pulled a bit more widescreen.

If I've done all other restore- and uploads, I may find time to correct this.
for now I suggest looking at it somewhat at an angle.

if you have comments on anything ,
don't hesitate to let me know.
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