Life's a cruise area

the roads to Ruyven , local cruise area:

with mate Paul Buis and some fuckbuds I'm working on a photoshoot about what
(if we leave it to the sully geeks, that dominate our press and the people that are supposed to represent us
but, busy as they are licking bankers/politicians asses,
forgot to be of true survice and offer welcoming pozitiv accomodation to their community)
may very well be the last days of our HOP cruise-locations.

we will be there this saturday evening at the parking toilet,
around 21u30 and any hot fucker who wants to join in is welcome.
If you want to be anonymous, we have masks with us.
Also bring your fav toys if you have 'm.

Here's the route discription to our local area, 'Ruyven' I scouted this week,
despite all the negative information, and the scorching temperatures, I felt it was still pretty HOT !

Despite the heat, I cycled to Ruyven yesterday and scrutinized the current situation.

It's still quite ok!: the parking at de Rijksstraatweg was filled to capacity
and the bushes, shrubs and freshly hayed fields were full of "prey" .
Despite of the rumours it still is easily accessible.
I would not reccomend parking at the Esso / Burger-King: the bridge from there has a large gate,
and I was told it gets locked at night, so you may not be able to get back to your car after the 'fun'.
From the parallel road along the A13 access to the decicated 'green' parking is uninhibited.
From A13 (Rotterdam - Den Haag) take exit 11, Rotterdam Airport,
end of exit right and then direct after that left at the trafficlights on to the parallel-road,
alleen: daar staat een paar 100 meter verderop een poller die sluipverkeer tegen moet gaan.
Die is dicht van 16 tot 19u30. Mocht je rond die tijd komen dan moet je afslag Delft centrum (9) nemen
en terugrijden naar de Rijksstraatweg (en Ruyven) vanaf het westen.

don't hesitate to suck it to me.
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