Headline news today:
Huge police-raids across 5 BRD-states, held under former high ranking militairy officials
turned up a whealth of artworks some of which were originally privately commisioned by Adolf Hitler,
and were thought to be destroyed in the final days of WWII in the battles in and around Berlin.

Josef Thorax and Arnold Breker were favorite sculptors of both Hitler and his architect Rudoph Speer.
Their huge oversised works were perfectly fitting the megalomanic futuristic visions of their 1000 year reich,
And two of their statues adorned the entrance of the now destroyed ReichsKanzlei.
The works were last seen at a Soviet barracks near Berlin in 1989, shortly before the fall of the Berlin wall.
the statues had been painted gold, damaged by bullets, and played on by children.

the password controlled db/queerart Masterclass has in the past payed ample attention to Nazi sculpture.
Not that we sympathised with any neonazi politics,
but we cannot deny that the 3rd reich art, uniform design and symbolism had a strong allure then and still has now, for homos
and we see it return time and again in skinhead attire, their group structure and disciplin, torture,
as well as in many other outfits that saw their 1st light as (Hugo Boss) 3rd reich militairy attire, both in Germany as in Mussolini's Italy.
Older homo generations, in Germany as well as in many European Nazi occupied countries still can get in a very emotional uproar
about any reminisence of their painful past, but the younger generations, myself included, have long since settled these matters,
and, just like in the roaring twenties, see Germans as gorgeously into body culture, very relaxed in nudity (FreikörperCultur)
and often going the extra mile (or being just that bit more fanatic) when it comes to practicing and showing-off their fetishes.

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don't hesitate to let me know.
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