another worked-over drawing of mine. I like the background added. My drawings are simple right to the point or cut.
don't have a lot of time to do finished work. I admire those who do very finished work.
I have read accounts of actual execution and wounds seems to show very little blood from complete emasculation.
I like to fantasize a huge stream of blood and cum shooting out of the mutilated crotch for the watching crowed.
My original drawing was for an operating table. Interested in emasculation. Before or after execution.
- Blake

I mix up some artists and critics sometime.
Here's some Skipper correspondence wrinting:
charlie clark
- 6:35 AM (4 hours ago)to gay-exec-fanta.
yes... you have mentioned it several times....you go to sfo on many weekends just to dance.....
you and chris got married at a dance event..........
just because i do not appreciate line dancing does not mean i don't kow about it.......
i just don't do it...
he he he he he he he eh he
i do other things when men are lined up.....

On May 22, 2015, at 6:38 PM, Skipper wrote:
Did you know that I'm a dancer?

if you have questions or comments on anything ,
don't hesitate to let me know.
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