Last year Lesley Lohman had a major exhibition, accompanied by a Brüno Gmünder book
curated by Robert W. Richards, called "from under the mattrass to the museum walls"
Years before that, Durk Dehner, ceo of the Tom of Finland foundation managed to convince NYC's MOMA
Museum of Modern art, that it was high time they exhibited the work of the artists that was most influential
in firing up sexual self awareness and respect within our homo community.
Sadly with our being more gtolerant to religius fanatic intolerance
a large part of our community now feels we should withdraw the in-your-face hedonism and erotica from our culture,
and try to conserve and focus on the one subject we gained territory in over recent decades: homo-marriage.
This seems to be augmented by the Aids epidemic, and a young generation that now thinks
that following in their parents footsteps, must be their monoganic ideal
of a fullfilling life and does not grasp the homo-sexual vocabulary is part of the liberties
generations of their predecessors have fought hard for in the previous century.

No, it's not enough that we can be 'normalos' and are allowed to marry
as long as we keep our cocks and assholes under the duvet.
Painful evidence of the lost ground is that the Dutch IHLIA forbids
even depiction of sexuality and genitals in all of their exhibitions, as they consider these 'offensive'.
Sadly with the exception of Robert Mapplethorpe and maybe Keith Haring,
(not Warhol, who kept his erotic work locked up for way too long or Hockney, who never got it out),
it was only homo artists that kept the bulk of their work at arm's length of 'coming out'
that were accepted in almost all, predominantly closetet, high-art circles.
It goes without saying that I uttergly disagree with these sentiments and coward strategies.
You can see in Russia that agreeing to adhere to 'decency guidelines or legislation' is the start of the reversal of all liberties
and even of minimal guaranties for living a life in relative safety.

That is why in the collage used as cover this month, I used images of a dear friend who got prosecuted in NL, as his
work , only depicting fond memories of his own youth in South Africa (before Mandela), and the reason why he was
allowed asylum in NL, but since the witch hunt on under age sexuality started, even here it was considered illegal.
The art is shown here in a somewhat higher resolution but still a bit self-censored,
as the appeal case about the nature and intention of the work is still ongoing.

that is why I added his Cupid, a study and tribute to the work of Harry Bush:

All that while Baroque Roman Catholic churched all over Europe are overloaded with similar imagery,

that indeed did inspire many of its clergy to prey on minors.

While Bernard's livelyhood was destroyed the church's crimes were, until recently,
all covered
under a blanket of indifference, fake devotion, church prerogative, priviledge and vast whealth.
See the parodies by Roscoe and Michael Kirwan on the subject at the 25-10 entry of weblog.
But most of all:
go to his own website, and support his livelyhood and talent by purchasing a print, original sketches
that he proudly keeps on producing, sadly, as ordered by "Dutch justice", with the genitals castrated.
Even better, if you can afford it, commission an original new work, at a, what I consider, incredibly reasonable tarif.

don't hesitate to suck it to me with questions or horny suggestions / submissions.
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