Blood is the theme

'Bloodshed and gore' were the the content under siege of the USA aministration under Georhge Bush.
It may have halted the flood for a short while on adult homo websites
but was shortsighted, bigotted and totally futile to stem the tsunami that was to follow,
when every individual could a decade later post his personal fetishes in photos and videos
free on the non-censoring social network started by David Karp, called Tumblr.

It was bound to fail, as the double standard republicans allowed all the bloodshed and gore
to be spreaded across the world by their big-money buds through their Hollywood movies.
No wonder our Canadian queer cult movie hero Bruce Labruce parodied the subject on every occasion he could.

also would like to show you some bloody cumming:

bloody but hot and if embed does not work, here's the direct link
and the nuts needlepierced at

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