In my opinion there are just two places in the world that take the job of preserving our homoSEXual art heritage serious:
1: the Echo Park, Los Angeles based Tom of Finland Foundation,
with their incredible headquarters which turned into a veritable museum and pleasure garden in the past two decades,
since their inspiration passed on:

2: the Wooster Street NYC based Lesley Lohman Archives and Museum,
started as the private collection of two faggot art afficionado's have collected everything that happened homoculturally in NYC and far beyond since the fifties.

Their legacy now is huge, not in the least thanks to all artists who freely shared their works with both organisations.
and the increasing number of self-conscious senior homos who took action,
and determined what should happen to their erotic collections after their exit from this world,
rather then have their heterosexual bereaved family ignorantly throwing their life-treasures in the wastbin.
archives cover with von Glöden photograph
here's a link to their magazine archives, serving up hours of reading pleasure, historic information,
and of course the hottest imagery:
Michelangelo nude study altar Sistine chapel

Stroke, from under the matrass to museum walls, a recent exib curated by Robert W Richards

don't hesitate to suck it to me.
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