exactly one year ago our theme was bodymodification.
This month violence, homo-erotics and martydom through art history are on the table again.
one of the main examples, obviously, is the guy who is often seen as the patron saint of homosexuals.
Years ago we alredy made a masterclass survey on db/queerart of 200 most known depictions of 'our saint'.
The top piece for me remains the huge painting by American artist Jack Cowan:

I did a video on a lecture about his sufferings in 2014 at Mooiman Gallery in Groningen:

of course Dutch late middle ages painter Jeronumus Bosch was a champion depicter of every conceivable hellish horrors:

one of the living iconic inspirations in queer martyrdom and true extatic ritual performer/promotor remains Ron Athey:

I was present at below exhibition in Rotterdam in 2013,
where Ron Athey was one of the performers:

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