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Some of these canvases convey a pair of wrestlers, a tighter painterly method applied to the body,
with liberal nuances of the form, including stroke and color, to express extremes of bodily and facial intensity.
They are in darkened natural settings, which add to the intensity and ambiguity of the figures,
who are locked in poses and positions that call to mind classical wrestling grips but are imbued with sexual overtones.
The act of male-upon-male aggression in these painterly and compositional contexts read as a conceptual essay into a range of male relationships,
from pure physicality, to energy and the emotion of sexuality. “The Admiration,” a closeup view of two men, arms locked and heads pressed against each other, looks like a beginning grappling stance,
but is just as convincing in other contexts, as two men in a moment of emotional or physical support, be it fraternal,
an intense friendship offering comfort and solace in a time of intense grief, pain, suffering, or amatory.
The color is overwhelming, not quite red, but a soft and purer magenta, even pink,
with icy blues to temper the situation that may be a kinship of encouragement,
and ultimately, the bearing of weight of another man, whatever the relationship may be in this situation,
spanning the gamut of male bonds from competition to an intense love.
Moncrief does not shy from this emotional dynamic,
as he explicitly uses nude male wrestlers as an ultimate manifestation of physically sexual male interaction.
In the large-scale “The Imprudent Boy,” combative angst finds an aggression released in sexual expression and fulfillment.
“Boy” might be assumed as the dominating of the two, yet both have pale flesh of youth and beauty

and the image abounds with aggression, sexuality, love and innocence.
“Rest at Harvest” is no less innocent,
yet the canvas suggests a mature and deeper assertion of the strength and potency of the male bond:

of the physicality of male-to-male support and togetherness, with its underlying currents of sexuality and aggression.

If that did not get you fired up for an intense mudwrestling session,
or something even filthier and more agressive tenderness, nothing will.

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